4 tips to create volume on low density hair

What is low density hair and 4 tips to create volume.

What is hair density?

Hair density is the number of strands on your head, it determines how thick or thin it is. To figure out the density, look at your hair in its natural state and determine if you can see your scalp. You can also put your hair in a ponytail and measure the circumference; low density will be less than two inches, medium density is two to three inches and high density will measure at least four inches.

African-Americans are known for having low density hair compared to other ethnicities such as Asians and Caucasians. Asian hair tends to have the thickest and coarse hair but they also have less hair follicles on their scalp while Caucasian hair can range anywhere from 100,000 - 150,000 strands throughout their head.

Not every African-American has low density hair, some have high density but for those that don’t, learning what works for your hair is essential. What exactly does low density mean? And how can we change it?

Low density means your hair strands are lower than the average amount of individual strands on your head. It also means being able to easily see your scalp; therefore, it is affecting you from having thick and full hair. Having low density hair can be challenging due to styling difficulties, not being able to find the right styling products and not achieving fullness and voluminous hair.

With low density hair being fine and thin, naturalista’s are struggling to figure out ways to style their hair without causing shedding and baldness to their scalp. Fine hair indicates the thickness/diameter of the individual strand while thin hair describes the density of the follicles.

There are solutions to altering the appearance of low density hair and to increase the density on your scalp. Here are a few low density hair tips you should consider following. Let’s jump right into it…

  • 1. Creating volume for your hair.

  • Investing in afro picks is highly recommended. Picking and fluffing at the roots will give the illusion of having voluminous hair; it is the best hair accessory for volume. For wash-n-go’s, diffuse your hair at the roots for intense volume, it will help achieve the look you are going for without causing any heat damage. Styling suggestions for ‘bigger’ hair: installing large perm rods/flexi-rods.

    low density hair products

  • 2. Applying lightweight products.

  • Using lightweight products will prevent your hair from being weighed down. The wrong products will cause shedding, thinning and balding; it will even make your hair feel dull and greasy. Product recommendations: our moisturizing hair oil, the Get Slick Hair Smoothie. It provides your hair with benefits of organic coconut oil and castor oil.

  • Stay away from heavy products that will weigh down your hair. Stick to using lightweight creams, misting sprays and oils.

  • 3. Scalp massages and hair growth.

  • Due to low density hair causing the visibility of your scalp, scalp massages increase blood circulation to the follicles, promotes hair growth and decreases stress; it also strengthens the roots and conditions the hair. Using lightweight hair oils for fine or thin hair will soften the strands and will not leave it looking greasy and oily. Product recommendations: our Polishing Pomade, a lightweight formula that uses neem oil, avocado butter and soybean oil. Massaging the pomade on your scalp will nourish the hair shafts and will encourage growth to your hair follicles.

  • 4. Wearing low density hairstyles.
  • The right natural hairstyles for low density hair can help improve the appearance and thickness. Although styling hair can be a challenge, luckily there are plenty of natural hairstyles to choose from. Here are a few styles...
  • Certain styles might weaken the hair and cause tightness to the scalp. Low density hair requires gentleness and cannot be styled too often. Opting for alternative styles, would increase fullness; have your stylist create and shape your hair. Get wild and add some layers! Layers will give your hair the voluminous look you have been dying for. Say Goodbye to low density hair!  


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    Locs also seem to add volume, in my experience.

    Great article!

    Rosette Nagimesi

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