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Some of us live by wash-n-gos, finding this style to be quicker than the twist-outs and knot-outs and out-outs, while for others, this style has continued to mystify and elude us. We have taken the guess and questions out of wash-n-gos with expert stylist, Tamika of Wesley Styles with our hair model, Victoria of Talk Tresses.

To be clear, one does not simply ‘wash’ then ‘go’ with this hairstyle. We’re not quite sure who named it that way, but it stuck and we’re using. A wash-n-go is a curly style that uses your natural curl pattern. You are in essence doing a ‘shampoo & define’ as Tamika calls it. We’re giving you the best tips and tricks to get you the most wash-n-go ever using our Get Slick Hair Smoothie and Get Set Hair Jelly.


1. Whenever you’re doing a wash-n-go, you want to start with freshly cleaned & conditioned hair.

2. Detangle your hair from root to tip and make sure your hair is clear of any small knots.

3. Put your hair into smaller sections.


4. Using a spray bottle filled with water, you want to saturate your hair. Curly hair is easier to work with when it’s wet. Be careful, it’s also extremely fragile.

5. Apply a small amount of the Get Slick Hair Smoothie to seal in moisture, make sure to distribute the entire length of hair.

6. Layer the Get Set Hair Jelly on the section.

7. Use your fingers to rake each section to form clumps. Start from the root and work your way to the tip. Shake each section as you’re raking the hair to help the curls to form.


8. Sit under a hooded dryer or air dry.

9. For volume, use the blow dryer on the cool setting to fluff out the curls.


Check out more tips on our Pinterest Board, Curly Hair Styling Tips!


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