If you have extremely dry hair and are looking for ways to keep your curls moisturized while still looking great, then you want to check this out! Watch this flat twist-n-curl tutorial by Lena of Lena Loves Curls using our Rosewater Hydrating Spritz, Butter than Love Pudding, Butter than Love Whipped and Argan Oil w/Lavender Essential Oil to create this soft and fluffy look. The result are gorgeous coils that are moisturized, with shine and bounce.


RosewaterRosewater Hydrating Spritz


Argan oilArgan Oil w/Lavender Oil Butter than Love Pudding 8ozButter than Love Pudding Butter than Love Whipped 8ozButter than Love Whipped

Our Rosewater Hydrating Spritz uses pure Lebanese Rose Water of the highest quality. Rosewater acts as a natural conditioner for hair and helps to open the cuticle to allow moisture to penetrate into the hair. Adding Argan Oil w/Lavender Oil helps to seal in the moisture without your curls feeling heavy or greasy. Our amazing moisturizing products, Butter than Love Pudding and Butter than Love Whipped combined to give you the ultimate in hydration, especially during the dry winter months. Our Butter than Love Pudding is like you LOC in one. This cream replaces your need for a leave-in conditioner while leaving your hair soft and hydrated. Applying the Butter than Love Whipped, a super thick cream, seals in the moisture and creates a barrier against dry air, and protecting your hair. The end result are frizz-free and defined curls that your natural hair will love. Your hair will feel soft to the touch, have a nice shine and will last for days!

To achieve this look from Lena, you’ll want to follow these simple steps:

  1.  Cowash your hair and let airdry for 30 minutes. You can use our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser to gently cleanse, detangle and condition your hair in one. Our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser will not strip your hair of any of its natural oils. If you have extremely dry or damaged hair and need more moisture, you can do a deep treatment with out Restoring Hair Treatment.
  2. Place your hair into 3 or more sections.
  3.  Starting from the back of your hair, spray the Rosewater Hydrating Spritz to condition, stabilize pH and smooth down your cuticles.
  4. Create smaller section and smooth with a wide tooth comb or denman style brush.
  5. Apply the Butter than Love Pudding to the smaller section.
  6. Layer the Butter than Love Whipped over the Butter than Love Pudding.
  7. Seal the hair using the Argan Oil w/Lavender Oil.
  8. Place the section into a flat-twist. Repeat steps 3-7 until entire head is done with the flat twists.
  9. Next, use perm rods to curl the ends of each twist.
  10. Dry your hair completely, either overnight by air drying or sitting under a hooded dryer.
  11. Rub some Argan Oil w/Lavender Oil onto your hands before taking down your twists. This will help to prevent frizzing.
  12. Add more oil as needed and begin to gently unravel each curl & twist.
  13. Finally, you’ll want to use a pick to lift the hair and separate twists further until you’ve reached your desired volume.

We love the end results. What do you think?

Lena Loves Curls and her gorgeous frizz-free, defined natural hair in a twist-n-curl hairstyle

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  • Aug 18, 2016
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Flat-twist and Curl Tutorial | Wonder Curl