Collection: Type 3A/3B Curls Hair Products

type 3a/3b curly hair products

Type 3A/3B curly hair tends to have a defined curl pattern with shine. Type 3A curls are looser than Type 3B curls which is about the circumference of 3-4 fingers. Type 3B curls are about the circumference of 2-3 fingers. 

Type 3A/3B curly hair doesn't need as much products as Type 3C or Type 4 curls, but still need moisture and a light styler to maintain hydration and definition. You want to apply products to your hair while it's soaking wet so you don't overdo it with your application. You also want to give your hair enough time to absorb the products. 

When looking for products, you want to go with products with more water/liquid content such as our Get Slick Hair Smoothie or Moisturizing Hair Pudding. When it comes to a styler, we suggest the Curl Control Styling Lotion.