Curly Rod Set on Natural Hair

Curly Rod Set on Natural Hair


Do you have fine curls and you’re looking for products that won’t weigh your hair down? Check out how Carla of Naturally_Curla used our natural hair products, Detoxifying Clay Cleanser and Get Set Hair Jelly to create this side-swept voluminous wavy curls using flexi rods.

Our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser is a very gentle and effective cleanser. If you’re looking to remove dirt and impurities from your hair and scalp, without stripping your hair of its natural oils, then you will want to try this natural hair product. Because it is so gentle and uses conditioners, you won’t need to add an extra conditioner which is great if you have fine hair. Sometimes, conditioners can weigh your hair down, but with our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser, you get clean hair that feels refreshed and ready for whatever natural hairstyle you want to do.

Carla, opted to use the Get Set Hair Jelly alone, without a leave-in or moisturizer on her hair. She found that the Get Set Hair Jelly was enough to keep her fine, natural hair fluffy without feeling dry or crunchy. The Get Set Hair Jelly isn’t your average hair gel. It is designed to help “set” whatever natural hairstyle you want to achieve. It dries weightlessly, without flaking or making your hair feel hard. A little goes a long way! Our Get Set Hair Jelly is an aloe-based hair styler that keeps your natural hair from getting frizzy, even when it’s humid outside!

If you feel like you might need a light moisturizer with our Get Set Hair Jelly, we recommend the Sealing Hair Butter. Although this product is very thick, it won’t weigh your hair down and you only need a small amount to seal in the moisture.

Do you use flexi rods on your natural or curly hair? Are you looking to try on of this look? Let us know in the comment section below!

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