Talk Protein to me: A Protein Guide for Natural Hair
Mar 12, 2019

Talk Protein to me: A Protein Guide for Natural Hair

If you’re a newbie to this natural hair thing, allow us to explain why protein is so important for your hair, before we get into the different types of protein. Learn about the different types of protein for hair and what's best for you.
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May 05, 2015

Amazing Argan Oil Benefits!

Could Argan oil kick Olive oil to the curve? This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard about Argan oil and if it were a person and you were asked, “What adjective would you use to describe him?” (yes I said him)  You’d exclaim, “Extraordinary!” Argan trees, native to Morocco produce berries that the Argan …
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Apr 26, 2013

Healing oils for natural hair

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair loss the real deal-Use Sesame Oil Original post by Ahava Felicidad. For her blog and bio click here. In many recent hair healing sessions and consults the topic of Jamaican Black Castor Oil and hair loss has come up. I have been asked my opinion of it and I love to …
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Mar 20, 2013

Hair and your health

In case you couldn’t make it to the Vegan Brunch to discuss how your hair can reveal your health, as well as the steps you can take to solve some issues, we have the presentation for you to view below.
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Jan 04, 2013

Three C’s Smoothie

Cantaloupe, Carrot & Cucumber blend together to create a nice, mild flavored and refreshing drink. 1 Whole Cantaloupe 5 Large Carrots 1 Large English Cucumber Honey or Agave Nectar Cut into pieces to place into blender, add honey or agave for taste. Blend well until smooth. Add water as needed, this mixture is very thick! …
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Jan 03, 2013

Pineapple Banana Smoothie

This smoothie makes a yummy sweet snack. I can only taste the pineapple and a hint of banana in this. 1 Whole Pineapple 1 Whole Banana 2 Large Carrots 1 Ripe Avocado a few sprigs of parsley This made about 60 ozs worth of smoothie. I poured into 6 ½ of these cute jelly size …
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Jan 02, 2013

3 Bean Chili Soup

Today’s lunch is a 3 bean chili soup with ripe avocado on the side. Chili is one of my favorite dishes for the winter time. It’s nice and hearty and makes the perfect comfort food. As a vegetarian, I would substitute meat for protein crumblies. But, for this recipe – and smoothie lifestyle – I …
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