Curly Hair Hacks You Need To Know for Great Curls, Our Top 8.

Curly Hair Hacks You Need To Know for Great Curls, Our Top 8.

As beautiful as curly hair can be, we have to admit that it can be pretty hard and tricky to handle. We assembled our favorite curly hair hacks to ease the struggle of getting your curls tangled in everything. If you’re just about done with these everyday pains, you’re at the right place.

Our top 8 curly hair hacks and tips about curly hair that you need to know now!

Curly hair hacks top 8 to know
Curly Hair Hacks You Need to Know

#1 The Pineapple Trick:

Our first curly hair hack is the ‘Pineapple Trick. An example of pineappling is below, just gather your curls loosely at the top of your head before you go to sleep. Not only does pineappling prevent bedhead, but this easy technique also protects the shape of your curls for the next day.

Curly hair hacks pineapple your hair
Photographer: Rosalind Chang | Source: Unsplash

#2 Curly Hair Hack Product Cocktailing:

‘Product Cocktailing’ refers to mixing two of your favorite products together before using them in your hair. The best combo is a good hair cream and hair gel. You can play with the proportions to create a custom blend for your curly hair.

#3 Curly Hair Hack Use A Diffuser:

A diffuser is a great way to get reduce the amount of frizz and even out your curls. Instead of using the blowdryer's nozzle, this curly hair hacks helps to distribute the hot air making it gentler to your curls.

#4 Curly Hair Hack Get Regular Trims:

This might be the trickiest of curly hair hacks. Regular trims are the easiest way to avoid split ends and keep your curls fresh and bouncy. You know it's time for a trim when your hair is full of single-strand knots.

#5 Comb From The Bottom Up:

Combing from the bottom first and working your way up helps you detangle out the knots easier and avoid damaging or pulling out your hair.

#6 Moisture Moisture Moisture:

Curly hair tends to be drier than other textures. This is why it’s best to use a good moisturizing hair cream that boasts natural oils and butters to help seal in the moisture.

curly hair hacks moisture for your curly hair
Photographer: Ryan Moreno | Source: Unsplash

#7 Curly Hair Hacks Don’t Brush Dry Hair:

Only detangle your hair in the shower or when it’s wet. Combing dry curly hair can lead to more tangles, breakage and make your hair frizzy. It's best to use a conditioner with slip that will make the detangling process easier.

#8 A Silk/Satin Pillowcase:

A silk/satin pillowcase allows your hair to slide around and not get pulled, knotted, or damaged. Where cotton can draw the moisture from your hair, satin or silk helps to keep your hair hydrated. If you don't want to use a pillowcase, you can opt for a satin bonnet for our last of the curly hair hacks.

Incorporate these simple curly hair hacks into your everyday routine to make sure your hair stays healthy and thick while also maintaining the luscious beauty of your curls that sets you apart from the rest.


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