Natural Hair- everything you need to know about trimming it perfectly

Natural Hair- everything you need to know about trimming it perfectly

When it comes to growing our natural hair; we want to do everything to keep our hair healthy in order to retain length. However, when it’s time to get our hair trimmed, we only hear our stylists saying “I want you to cut your hair". What we do not understand however, is that trimming does wonders to the hair. As a matter of fact, part of your hair growth regimen as a naturalista is getting your natural hair trimmed on a regular basis. Not every day, but every three to six months depending on the health of your hair, but it's imperative that your curly hair gets trimmed from time-to-time.

Still not convinced? Here are a few benefits of trimming your natural hair.

Gets rid of spilt ends:

While you are worried about your hair length and fighting the idea of trimming, your hair is developing split ends. Split ends are strands of hairs that have been damaged either by heat, rough detangling, combing or chemicals, either ways; it always shows up. You can see them if you take out a strand and hold it in the light, you'd see the ends of that strand spilt in two ways, if your hair is really black; the spilt ends will have a faded brown color. Leaving split ends is dangerous, as it travels back to the scalp a lot faster than the hair grows, spilt ends are bad news, and should be chopped off.

Gets rid of single strand knots:

These cause breakage in hairs, from one knotted strand to another and another then we have tangles, in the process of loosening these tangles, the hair breaks, and sometimes it leads to spilt ends. A good way to take care of these knots is to trim them off.

Slows breakage:

While it's slightly impossible to totally avoid breakage in your hair because what you might be using is capable of making it brittle and dry, it's better to trim the hair to slow down the breaking process.

Retain your hair growth:

While trimming does not exactly make your hair grow, as hair growth is inevitable whether or not you trim, unless your hair is completely unhealthy, trimming does help you retain the hair growth because, in the process of getting rid of the split ends, the brittle ends and, the single strand knots, it helps your hair retain its growth rate.
Now, trimming does not mean cutting your hair off. Trimming just goes for the ends of your hair, a little bit up, say one-fourth of where the damage is taking place, to have the maximum effect, but not the whole of your hair. Also, remember to put your hair in twists, and moisten before you trim. The better option would be to have the stylist do it anyway.
By not having an occasional trim, you're inadvertently pushing your hair to a point where it starts breaking and shedding, and in the end, the hair length you were so worried about losing, you eventually lose.
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