8 Bad Habits for Hair and How to Stop Doing Them

8 Bad Habits for Hair and How to Stop Doing Them

We all do crazy things to get hair that looks flawless. Some of us have a strict hair care routine that includes countless steps and applications of various expensive products. But can we be honest for a second? NOTHING REALLY WORKS! It does not matter what we do, but we end up dealing with pathetic hair issues that are extremely frustrating. But why does this happen? Why do we go through bad hair days after taking so much care of our hair? The answer might surprise you but, hear us out. We all have bad habits, and in this case, we have bad hair habits.

Most hair problems arise due to doing certain things we do daily without realizing how much the effect is on our hair. We may overlook some of our habits that result in hair damage. It is important to know these bad hair habits if you want to get rid of hair problems. In this post, we are going to discuss 8 bad habits for your hair that you should bring to the end. Let’s go!

The 8 Bad Habits for Hair:

#1 Sleeping with wet hair

The most common bad habit for hair is sleeping with wet hair. Doing this can cause various problems such as hair fall, dandruff, and even fungal infection. Our hair is the weakest when wet (especially when we come straight out of the shower). They do not have any natural oils that contribute to the strength of our hair. Plus, the hair follicles are the weakest when wet. Since the water along with natural oils gets absorbed in the pillow, our hair doesn’t get any natural moisture or hydration that it requires for healthy growth. So, if you have been sleeping with wet hair, it is time to change one of the worst bad habits for hair.

#2 Detangling your hair from the roots down

The 2nd of the bad habits for hair is detangling your hair from the roots down is the ultimate nightmare for your hair and another bad habit. When you do this, you're pushing the tangles down to your ends which are already the most fragile part of your hair resulting in hair breakage. It would be wise to start from the end and work all the way up.

bad habit for hair detangling from the root down
bad habits for hair to stop now

#3 Putting your hair into slick back ponytails or buns

We know that ponytails and buns are easy to handle but you have no idea how much harm they can cause your hair if they are your go-to style. Ponytail and buns relax your curl patten stealing away all the grace of your natural curls. Plus, brushing your hair down while it's still wet and making a tight bun will cause heavy hair fall. Making this a bad habit for hair we probably don’t realize.

#4 Using too much product: bad habits for hair

No one is telling you to stop using hair products. In fact, it is important to use a product that can help your hair get all the essential nutrients. However, using too many hair products can damage your hair. Your hair will be exposed to a lot of chemicals that may steal away the beauty of your curls. It might take you some time to figure out which product works the best for you but, the time and struggle will be worth it.

#5 Waiting too long between trims

This is one of the bad habits for hair most people do and is not healthy for your hair. If you have problems like split ends, we highly recommend you get frequent hair trimming. People with wavy or curly hair should get their hair trimmed once every six to twelve weeks. You can go with the time that suits you the best but make sure not to delay it.

bad habits for hair
Bad habits for hair that you might be guilty of

#6 Over conditioning your hair

Most people think that conditioner is a curl’s best friend. Those repeated hair conditioning sessions might seem to be working for you. But giving too much good to your hair can also damage it. Over conditioning can extremely dry out your hair. But this is not even the worst part. The worst is that dry hair brings countless hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff, split ends, and, whatnot. So, if you are over conditioning your hair, you need to take a rest and stop this bad habit for hair.

#7 Using protein treatments when you don't need them

Protein treatments are awesome! They strengthen your hair and make them healthier and shiner BUT only when used in moderation. Too many protein treatment sessions is a bad habit for hair that will add too much weight to your hair. Doing this can result in hair damage. If your hair is not damaged, then you don’t need protein treatments. You can stop this bad habits for hair.

#8 Bad habits for hair: Eating a poor diet

We know this should have been on the top of our list but we wanted to save the best for the last. Your diet plays an integral role in hair growth. Whatever goes in your body affects your hair health in a certain way. Eating too much junk food will offer nothing good to your hair. Instead, stick to healthier options that are protein-rich. Try eating food items with omega 3 and you will be surprised to see how amazing your hair turns out to be.

There you have it! 8 bad habits for your hair that you must stop. Now when you are aware of all these bad habits, it is time to bring a change in your lifestyle. From having a healthy diet to brushing your hair the right way, you need to take care of a few things if you want to make everyone jealous of your flawless hair.

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