1.  Prior to putting your hair into a protective or low-maintenance style, you want to lock in the moisture into your hair. Our Sealing Hair Butter is a thick emollient that will seal the cuticle keeping your hair hydrated for days!
2.  Keeping your hair hydrated while in a protective style can be a challenge. Our Get Slick Hair smoothie is a light, cream oil moisturizer that will help to hydrate your hair. 
3. After taking down your hair, you want to add the nutrients you lost while keeping your hair in a protective style. Our Restoring Hair Treatment will revitalize dry, brittle tresses. 
Not like any hair butter you've ever used before, our Sealing Hair Butter is a thick, emollient rich...
Get Slick Hair Smoothie is a light cream oil moisturizer used to refresh your hair days after your...
An intensive deep restorative hair treatment that conditions, strengthens and moisturizes dry hair to improve texture and manageability....
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