Collection: Medium Porosity, loose Hair

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Tips on caring for your medium porosity, loose hair:
  1. You want to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners when washing your hair. We recommend our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser. It is gentle for cleansing but also very moisturizing without weighing your hair down. It also helps with the detangling process. The Detoxifying Clay Cleanser will also condition your hair.
  2. When applying your styling products, you want your hair to be damp to wet. You don't need a lot of water as getting moisture isn't your problem, but moisture loss.
  3. Apply in sections starting with the Get Slick Hair Smoothie then follow immediately with the Curl Control Styling Lotion. Use small amounts and build on that until your hair is fully coated with the products.
  4. We recommend sitting under a hooded dryer or using a diffuser to dry your hair. Air/natural drying will weaken your hair which will make it harder for your hair to retain moisture over time.