Type 4 Hair: Vegan Products Watch the Review

Type 4 Hair: Vegan Products Watch the Review

If you're looking for a vegan product line that works for your type 4 hair, then you want to watch this review by DiscoveringNatural.



She used our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser to cleanse, detangle and condition her natural hair. The cleanser works as an effective yet gentle wash for your hair, so you won't need to use shampoo that will dry out your type 4 hair. She then followed up with the Restoring Hair Treatment. Doing regular deep treatments will keep your hair hydrated and you'll need less products during the styling process. Our Restoring Hair treatment boasts ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, avocado butter and tamanu oil. Ingredients that will penetrate and strengthen your hair.

Sealing Hair Butter for hydrated twist out.

To get her twist out, she used our Sealing Hair Butter and Get Set Hair Jelly combo. We recommend this combo for thick hair, or hair that has a hard time retaining moisture. The Sealing Hair Butter is a thick cream that seals in moisture without keeping your curls greasy or heavy. Our Get Set Hair Jelly is perfect for humid temps, keeps styles such as a twist out fresh even when you're out all day. 

Get Set Hair Jelly for a defined twist out 

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