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Have you seen those naturals with the perfect coils where every strand is in place and wonder how they did that? Well, we’re here to show you how out can achieve the perfect twist-out using our Butter than Love Pudding and Curl Control Styling Lotion. The Butter than Love Pudding will keep your hair hydrated without weighing it down and the Curl Control Styling Lotion will maintain the definition and your hair stays super soft for days. Check out these steps and tips from NYC stylist, Tamika Wesley of

For the perfect twist-out, you’ll need:

1. Spatula and Bowl (for mixing)

2. Lots of clips – for sectioning and holding each twist down

3. Butter than Love Pudding

4. Curl Control Styling Lotion

5. Hooded hair dryer (optional)

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1. First thing you’ll want to do is mix the Butter than Love Pudding and Curl Control Styling Lotion in your bowl using the spatula. You can customize the amounts of each product based off of your hair’s unique needs.

2. On dry, stretched hair, section into big pieces and place into clips to get them out of your way. You’ll then want to create smaller sections that you’ll be twisting. Tamika suggests creating your sections in a brick layer pattern, this means you’ll be staggering each section like you would bricks. This will keep you from having lines of demarcation during the take down.

3. Apply the Butter than Love Pudding and Curl Control Styling Lotion to each section then twist into each other by turning each part in the opposite direction and then twisting together. Another great tip is to separate each part at a diagonal before twisting.

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4. You’ll want to use flat clips at the base of each twist to reduce any puffiness at the roots.


5. Create flat twists in the front will control the direction of your hair, while leaving the back to be fee flowing.

6. Sit under a hooded dryer or air dry until your hair is fully dry. If you remove the twists while your hair is still damp, you may risk some frizzing (and we don’t want that).

IMG_6781_1920x1080 - Copy - Copy

7. Once your hair is fully dry, you’ll want to run your finger down each twist to gently separate. To add more volume, you can can continue to separate into smaller sections.

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What do you think? Is this a look that you normally rock? Would you try this?

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