Twist-n-Curl Back to school style with Wonder Curl

Twist-n-Curl Back to school style with Wonder Curl

Have you tried the twist-n-curl hair style yet for your natural hair? CurlsAdored put together this perfect look for back to school, the teacher's edition. Whether you're a teacher or a student, this is a great look for all different curl types and especially if you're transitioning.


What is a twist-n-curl?

Simply, it's when you combine a double-strand twist with, usually, perm rods on the ends. This gives you a different type of curl pattern than if you were to style a straight twist-out or use perm rods to create curls in your hair. In her tutorial, CurlsAdored used our Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Get Set Hair Jelly. Our Moisturizing Hair Pudding is perfect for adding and maintaining hydration in your hair. When paired with the Get Set Hair Jelly, the result is a frizz-free and defined twist-n-curl that will keep for days.

Moisturizing Hair Pudding for soft curls

To get this look, you'll want to start of freshly washed, clean hair. We recommend starting with our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser. This is a gentle and effective clay wash that cleanses, detangles and conditions your hair all in one.

Get Set Hair Jelly for defined curls

  • Section your hair and use clips to fasten hair out of the way.
  • Apply the Moisturizing Hair Pudding to each section. Then, fasten each section.
  • Next, take your first section from the back.
  • Take a smaller area of hair and apply the Get Set Hair Jelly.
  • Twist immediately then roll the ends half way with your perm rod. The size perm rod depends on the length of hair and how big you want your curls.
  • Repeat the above steps throughout your hair.
  • For best results, sit under a hooded hair dryer until your hair is completely dry.
  • After your hair has dried, gently unravel each section of hair.
  • Use a pick to add volume.

Best products for twist and curl

What do you think of this twist-n-curl for a back to school look?  

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