Top 10 Hair Myths that Need to Stop

Top 10 Hair Myths that Need to Stop

Do you think that the Hair Myths we hear still work to make our hair beautiful? So, no those myths don't work. We share the top 10 hair myths on which we should stop paying attention.

Let's get started on those Top 10 Hair myths today that Need to Stop.

Myth 1: Coldwater closes the cuticle.

This is the first myth that says the cuticle may expand and somewhat elevate in hot or steaming water. But it will not close in cold water; whereas it is the conditioner that helps in smoothing or close the cuticle.

Myth 2: Dirty hair grows faster.

Washing hair regularly with strong cleansers stimulates dryness, brittleness, and breakage; which is one of the reasons why some individuals believe that dirty hair promotes hair growth.

Because of the buildup, moisturizing creams are difficult to penetrate when your hair is dirty. If you choose to wash your hair less frequently. Use a smaller and lighter amount of product to avoid product accumulation.

Myth 3: Air drying is the best way to dry your hair.

We can say that it can also be the common one from our top 10 hair myths. Blow-drying produces more damage to the hair's surface, but air-drying causes more damage within the strands, which may be worse.

This is because when your hair exposes to water for a long time. It expands and puts pressure on the proteins that hold your hair together, sometimes causing greater damage than heat styling.

Click on the link below to more about how air drying is not the best way to dry your hair. Click Here:

Myth 4: Oiling your scalp makes your scalp healthy.

Regularly oiling your hair is not beneficial. The scalp produces a sufficient amount of natural oil. This excreted oil provides us with the necessary nourishment. It is not always necessary to use oil.

We use more shampoo to get rid of the oil when we apply it. We only need to gently massage our heads to enhance blood circulation and blood flow.

Myth 5: Oils equal moisture.

Now, we reach our fifth myth from our top 10 hair myths which say that your hair will lubricate and be lustrous. But it does not moisturize if you don't use water before applying the oil. It's the same as putting lotion on dry skin and getting oily skin.

However, if you apply lotion to your skin shortly after a shower, it will appear moisturized.

So, in the same way, Moisturizing and sealing oils are not the same thing. Moisturizing oils nourish the hair by penetrating the shaft. Sealing oils sit on top of the hair to keep the shine in. It's possible that your hair is still dry because you've been using sealing oil as a moisturizer.

Myth 6: Trims grow hair faster.

Certainly, a most common top 10 hair myth that needs to stop.  Cutting hair strands has nothing to do with the root from which they develop because hair grows from follicles in the scalp.

Hair follicles are also genetically related and clipping the hair often has little effect on hair growth. If you're attempting to grow your hair out, we recommend getting a haircut every 8 to 12 weeks to avoid split ends.

Myth 7: Hair gets used to products.

Our hair never gets addicted to any hair product. Because as the weather conditions change, we usually try to adopt different hair products which work for our hair in that climate and there are many other reasons when you need to change your hair product.

Click the link below and See our video to know the top five reasons why your hair products are not working:

See this video

Myth 8: Stress causes grey hair.

The most obvious myth from our top 10 hair myths. As you all heard that stress causes grey hair. So, there is no proven result for this hair myth. And the reality is greying is a multivariable equation that is largely determined by genetics and age.

As you become older, your body produces less melanin - the pigment that gives your hair its color, causing new hair to turn grey. While there is currently little scientific evidence that stress causes your hair to turn grey, it can hasten the aging and fallout process, resulting in more coming grey hairs if your body is already producing less melanin.

Myth 9: Hats will make your hair thinner.

However, it is very simple to assume that wearing a hat will make your hair thinner. And it is also the most common myth from our top 10 Hair Myths. After all, most individuals notice a few stray hairs inside their hat when they remove it. Plus, after wearing a hat for several hours, almost everyone's hair looks flat, thin, and messy.

So, wearing hats is not the reason for your thinner hair. There are a lot of reasons that make your hair thinners such as lifestyle changes, hormonal changes, weather changes, and more.

Myth 10: Ponytails & buns for daily styles.

So, now we end up with one of the last top 10 hair myths.

This is the fact that Tight hairstyles including, Ponytails and buns can cause damage to the hair follicle by putting too much tension on the hair.

Hair may fall out at first, but if tight hairstyles are worn on a regular basis despite the warning indication, hair development may be slowed or even stopped.

Top 10 Hair Myths
Top 10 Hair Myths


As we know, hair care treatments are customized for every hair texture and type, but hair care principles are universal—it's not just about the hair. Here, the scalp is an important element of having strong, healthy, and thick hair.

At this time if you really agree that all of these top 10 Hair Myths do not make any sense for you. Then, it's time to put the old wives' stories to rest and move on to better hair care recommendations that actually work.

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