Hair Products Aren’t Working Anymore? 5 Reasons Why.

Hair Products Aren’t Working Anymore? 5 Reasons Why.

One thing that I hear a lot from some curlies is that their hair gets used to a product. Because of that, they feel like they need to switch up their products. Unless your favorite products had to change their formula, there’s another reason why your hair products aren’t working for you anymore. Below, we explore 5 of those reasons.

5 reasons why your hair products aren't working anymore
Think your hair is used to a product? Check out our list below.

Our top 5 Reasons Why Your Hair Products aren’t Working Anymore

1. Product buildup can stop your hair from absorbing products

The first reason why your hair products aren’t working can be product buildup. Because some of us aren’t cleaning our hair on a regular basis, or not using shampoos, we might feel our hair is constantly coated or gummy. If you’re using products that have oils, butters, or silicones, and not properly cleaning your hair, then there is a good chance you have product buildup.

I recommend using a cleansing shampoo such as our Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar to remove any build-up and toxins from my hair and scalp. Next, follow-up with a deep conditioning treatment. Now, your hair is ready for all of those great products.

2. It’s might be time to get your hair trimmed

If you find that you have to use more products in your hair to get it to lay the way it used to, it might mean you need a haircut or a trim. When your hair is growing out, it isn’t always growing evenly. Also, if your ends are feeling dry or you have tons of single strand knots, you should be booking an appointment with your stylist.

3. Lifestyle can be why your hair products aren’t working

You might have lost a lot of weight, or you changed your diet. You might be on new medication. Or you started a new job and have been under a lot of stress. Believe it or not, all of these lifestyle changes can affect your hair.

If you suspect it’s your medication and you are concerned, you should consult with your doctor before making any changes.

4. You did something to your hair???

Did you just color your hair? Or maybe you stopped coloring your hair. Either of these factors can change your hair and make it feel like your hair products aren’t working. For example, if you lightened your hair or used a bleaching product, you might notice your hair is dryer. On the other hand, you might have stopped coloring your hair. These factors will change your cuticle for better or worse.

Our Moisturizing Hair Pudding for hydrated curls

5. The weather will affect your hair and products

The weather will be the most significant reason why your hair products aren’t working. If you live where it’s humid, then there is a lot of moisture in the air. In that case, you won’t need to use a leave-in or switch to a lighter product. You’ll want to add more styler to your regimen to combat the frizz.

On the other hand, living where it’s dry will cause less or no moisture in the air. In that case, you will want creamier products that will hydrate and seal your hair. We love our Moisturizing Hair Pudding for those dry days.

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