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Super defined twist out that lasts 10 days

Are you looking for a super defined twist out that will last over week? Check out this video and tutorial from Felisha. 

Felisha used our Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Sealing Hair Butter to achieve this shiny and soft twist out look and we are here for it!

To get this look:

1. You want to start with freshly cleaned and conditioned share. Hair can be damp to wet. For best results, use our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser to gently cleanse, detangle and condition your hair. You can follow-up with our Restoring Hair Treatment for super moisture. 

2. Section hair into smaller sections. Separate the top to create bantu-knots. 

3. Starting from the back of the hair, first apply the Moisturizing Hair Pudding. The Moisturizing Hair Pudding adds hydration to your hair with aloe, shea butter and castor oil. 

4. Take a smaller section and apply a small amount of the Sealing Hair Butter. The Sealing Hair butter seals the moisture into your hair without your hair feeling heavy or weighed down. Twist section into a 'double-strand'

5. Repeat step 4 throughout the back of your hair. Until complete.

6. In the front of the hair, start with one side. Separate a small section near the ear. 

7. Apply the Moisturizing Hair Pudding and layer a small amount of the Sealing Hair Butter over. Create a flat-twist

8. Take the top section, apply Moisturizing Hair Pudding and the Sealing Hair Butter to hair. 

9. Fix hair into a ponytail and twist the ends. Roll up your hair into a bantu knot. 

10. Repeat steps 6-9 on the other side. 

You can see the pictorial below. 


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