Super defined twist out that lasts 10 days

Super defined twist out that lasts 10 days


Are you looking for a super defined twist out that will last over week? Check out this video and tutorial from Felisha. 
to achieve this shiny and soft twist out look and we are here for it!


Get your softest hair today


The Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Sealing Hair Butter are the perfect combination to leave your hair hydrated and defined for days. Our Moisturizing Hair Pudding delivers moisture straight to your hair while the Sealing Hair Butter will seal in moisture and help elongate your curls. 

Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Sealing Hair Butter for your softest hair ever.

We use ingredients that are known to nourish natural hair to help improve the texture of your hair. Healthy hair is moisturized hair. 

Moisturizing Hair Pudding for moisture and hydration.

Our Moisturizing Hair Pudding is a one-size-fits-most.

Get soft and moisturized hair with this hair pudding. We use Shea butter, castor oil and aloe to create a creamy moisturizer that leaves your hair feeling hydrated without being oily or weighed down.



Our Sealing Hair Butter is an emollient rich cream that seals moisture into your hair without any residue or oily feeling. 

This hair butter is perfect for dry climates and hair that has a hard time staying hydrated.

The Sealing Hair Butter is a dream for parched curls. 


Sealing Hair Butter to elongate your curls



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1. Defined Twist-Out that Outlasts Humidity on Type 4 Hair

2. Side-swept curly rod set on natural hair. 


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All I can say is WOW those curls are beautiful. I’m all the way new to the natural hair and having the hardest time with my looks. Not to mention the struggle to find a product that works. So far I’m left w/frizzy curls and a poofy look once it dries 😩😩😩. I’m searching for a product I can use to give me pretty curl pattern.

Nicole smith

Does the shine comes automatically??? Does it work on types of Afro Americans hair


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