How to Sleep with Curly Hair for Best Next Day Hair

How to Sleep with Curly Hair for Best Next Day Hair

You define your curls, apply products, and give them a nice deep conditioning hair treatment. You use a humidifier to help keep your curls hydrated, healthy, and even manageable - unfortunately, you wake up in the morning and your curls are all but manageable. As it turns out, when you sleep with curly hair, you weren't preparing them to defined for the next day. Not sleeping properly or using the wrong pillow can have a serious effect on your hair and you can end up with squishy, disfigured and frizzy hair. Here is what you can do to wake up with the best curly locks after a goodnight sleep:

1. Use A Satin or Silk Pillow

Sleeping on a satin or silk pillow can help your purpose. Silk and satin pillowcases don’t absorb the moisture from your hair. As a result, they won't leave your hair frizzy and static. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is change your pillow cover.

2. Sleeping With Your Hair Spread OVER The Pillow Instead Of Tucked Under Your Head.

If you must sleep with your curly hair untied, always spread your hair over the pillow. Starting from your nape, raise your curls upwards as you lie down. This will prevent tangling and squishing your hair. If you have long hair it won't break off as you move from side to side.

sleep with curly hair spread over the pillow
How to sleep with curly hair. Copyright: Image by StockUnlimited

3. When You Sleep With Curly Hair - Sleep With Your Hair Tied Up

The best way to prevent your curls from getting squished is by using a hair tie or scrunchie. Tie them loosely over your head - but you must go for one turn instead of two or more hence tying your hair tight will only result in frizzy hair that looks unpleasant and messy. Or you can tie your curly hair loosely at one side of your face in the same manner.

Photographer: Ryan Holloway | Source: Unsplash

4. Restore Your Curls With Moisture

Another way to reshape misguided curls is to mist your hair with a water spray bottle. Our Continuous Mist Sprayer is a great option. Its salon-grade quality has a powerful aerosol-like spray mist that will provide the right amount of moisture for your hair. In addition, follow up with our Curl Control Styling Lotion for any beautifully defined curly hairstyle.

Add Moisture To Curly Hair
How to sleep with curly hair: Get moisture into curly hair

5. Use A Silk or Satin Bonnet When You Sleep With Curly Hair

A great way to protect hair at night is to wrap hair in a satin bonnet. In fact, before you wrap your hair, spritz with water OR spritz with water then seal with your choice of sealing oil or leave-in-conditioner. This will force moisture into your hair which is an excellent technique for extra dry hair.

How to sleep with curly hair: using a satin or silk scarf

If you follow these five easy steps on how to sleep with curly hair, it will help your bouncy curls to stay forever fresh and bouncy for the next day!

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