Try a Natural Hairstyle at Home during Lockdown 2020

Try a Natural Hairstyle at Home during Lockdown 2020

Looking for something to do? Why not try a new natural hairstyle at home? While have all been collectively sent to our rooms by the Covid-19 flu, having great hair might become an afterthought. We have compiled a list of some of our favorite natural hairstyles and think this is the best time to start perfecting your look. When we finally emerge from social distancing, our hair will be looking amazing.

loose curly hair trend with bantu knots
Bantu knots to create loose curls natural hair styles to try at home

#1 Bantu Knot-Out: Try a Natural Hairstyle at Home

We love beach waves, and we found the perfect way to create it! Our first natural hairstyle that we love gives you those flowing locks without having to go to the beach. And we naturals know that our hair at the beach is no trip to the beach! This loose curl look is the perfect style for medium or shoulder length hair. It is best achieved by putting your hair into bantu knots while your hair is slightly damp, applying our Sealing Hair Butter, Get Slick Hair Smoothie and Curl Control Styling Lotion and then allow it to dry. Gently unravel each knot and fluff into place.

wash-n-go natural hairstyle at home

#2 Wash-n-Go: Love this natural hairstyle

Most of the girl's dream of having that amazingly perfect volume that can help you create any hairstyle. Tight curls are no stranger to getting that volume. We long for the balance between volume and definition. When you cocktail the right products to the technique, then maximum volume can be achieved.

#3 Try This Natural Hairstyle at Home: Baby Hairs!

One trend that is here to are baby hairs! Slicking down your edges is so two years ago. But showing off our baby hairs has been around as long as there has been babies! With a toothbrush and your favorite gel, you can do this to any style. Whether it's a top knot or a lazy bun, you instantly wow up the cool factor with some baby hairs.

twistout for natural hairstyle to try at home
Super Defined Twist-Out Natural Hairstyle Home

#4 Super Defined Twist-Out

Try this favorite Pinterest natural hairstyle at home by influencer, Felisha, using our Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Sealing Hair butter. We love how her hair came out with so much shine and looking moisturized to the max. While you're toiling away at home, why not play around with this cute hairstyle?

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