Low density hair high density hair. What is my hair density?

Low Density Hair Vs. High Density Hair – Which Hair Density Do I Have?

What is low density vs high density hair? Is your hair as thick as a twisted hemp rope or is it as dense as a thread? This question can lead to knowing a lot about your hair density. Your hair can either have a high or low density due to a number of reasons, to begin with. If you want to know what your hair density is, then keep reading and find out which category you belong to.

What is hair density?

Hair density helps in knowing the thickness of your hair. It has to do with determining the width of one hair strand. While density tells you the number of strands that you have on your head. This is very important to know as it helps in maintaining the health of your hair. It is also good to know so you can style your hair in a way that prevents it from getting damaged easily.


How to figure out if your hair is low density or hair?

There are so many ways to easily figure out the density of your hair. However, the most relevant ways of finding out your hair density can be done by the following methods:

      1. Visibility of your scalp: The first method is as simple as it is. All you need to do is stand in front of the mirror. Without separating your hair into sections and just let your hair loose. Hold another small mirror in your hand and check whether your scalp is visible from anywhere or not. If it’s not visible, means you have high-density hair whereas if your scalp is visible, then you have low-density hair.
      2. Measuring the circumference of your ponytail: Tie all your hair up into a ponytail and measure the circumference from where your hairband is tied. You can do this by using an inch tape. If it’s less than 2 inches, it means you have low density. If more than two inches, then high density.
      3. Wrapping your hair around the knuckles of your hand: The last method of checking your hair density is by wrapping your hair around the knuckle of your hand. This can be preferable for longer hair. Take your hand and wrap your hair once around the knuckle. If it covers half of your fingers, then you have high density. If It doesn’t, means you have low density hair.

With the above guidance on hair density, we are sure that by now you will be able to figure out your own hair density. In order to maintain a good haircare routine, you can visit www.wondecurl.com. You will find amazing offers on products that help in increasing the thickness and density of your hair.

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