Moisturizers and stylers, what's the difference?

Stylers and Moisturizers – What’s the Difference and When to Use Them

There are still many of us out there that can’t tell the difference between gels and creams! While we’re living in the 21st century, there are so many things that make us say, “I was today years old when I found out about this”. Now there’s no need to hide in shame that everyone will judge you. If you love styling your hair with amazing haircare products, but always wonder why some are transparent and some are in milky-white paste forms, then you’ve come to the right place to find the difference between stylers and moisturizers.

What’s the Difference Between Stylers And Moisturizers?

To make these sound less confusing; stylers are in gel form and moisturizers are in cream form. How to tell the difference? A gel is a transparent, jelly-like form that is mostly made up of water.

You can also say that these are stickier compared to moisturizers and we’ll tell you ahead why that is so. Moisturizers, on the other hand, are milky-white which are also made of water, but more of an oil base. These are greasier, rather than sticky like gel.

Why Stylers Are in Gel Form?

moisturizers and stylers for curly hair

The reason why stylers are in gel form because they get absorbed more quickly onto your skin or scalp. They are sticky and mostly water-based products. The paste is also thinner in feel as compared to moisturizers. Although they are colorless, you can also find them available in different colors.

Stylers are mostly used to make hair transform into a texture to help create different hairstyles with folds and twists. It allows a better hold for a longer period of time.

Why Moisturizers Are in Cream Form?

moisturizers and stylers for curly hair

Moisturizers are in cream form because they take time to get absorbed in your hair. This is the reason why creams are thicker and a little greasier due to a blend of oil in it. The color is mostly milky-white and you won’t find them in any other color.
Moisturizers help in restoring the softness and smoothness in your hair after heavy applications of heat and other chemicals. This is why it is oilier to help recover from the dryness of the scalp.
By knowing the difference between stylers and moisturizers, you are ready to choose your products best for your needs.
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