How to Care for Curly Hair? Dispel Myths about Hair Care

How to Care for Curly Hair? Dispel Myths about Hair Care

Learning how to care for curly hair doesn’t have to be difficult. Unfortunately it becomes overly complicated when there is a lot of misinformation surrounding our curly hair. During our “Healthy Hair Summit”, we were joined by Joe Miguel, a Curl Cut Stylist and an Educator. With over 15 years of cosmetology experience and the owner of The Angels Salon, he clarified some myths about hair care.

Myth 1. Water Keeps the Hair Fresh:

It's a common understanding that spraying water from time to time can keep the hair fresh and moisturized. Joe corrected all of us here as excessive water use can damage your hair and scalp. He said the term “Wash-n-Go” should be “Wash-dry-n-Go”. Keeping your hair wet for so much time can shut down your open cuticles. In his experience, he has seen this lower the porosity level of his clients’ hair. This lead to the hair losing its ability absorb and retain moisture and becoming dry. So how to care for our curly hair? Keep a balance by not using too much water.

Myth 2. Air Drying is the Best Option to care for curly hair:

Joe said that air drying takes too much time. For naturally curly hair, air drying can take up to a whole day causing hygral fatigue. Using gentle, medium heat to dry your hair help to reduce damage. In fact, it's better to dry your hair as soon as possible. Wet hair is in its weakest state and this can damage your cortex. In conclusion, treat your hair like beautiful, delicate fabric and dry immediately.

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Myth 3 How to care for curly hair. Trimming makes Hair Grow Faster:

As we discussed more on how to care for curly hair, Joe also mentioned about trimming facts. He said, “Hair has to be healthy to grow faster”. Though it’s very important to trim your hair, keeping it healthy and strong is more important to retain length. Regarding the time period of trimming, he said it depends on your hair texture type and how you treat your hair. Ideally, 4-5 months is a good time period but it totally depends on the condition of your hair.

Myth 4. Protective Styles Protect the Hair:

Finally, hairstyles such as buns, ponytails, pineapples and other up-dos keep are our usual go-to when we think we’re protecting our hair. As part of his talk on how to care for curly hair, Joe mentions, “You should keep a balance of putting your hair up and down”. The key here is to keep your hairstyle as loose as possible because the tighter the hairstyle, the more damage it can cause. You could also loosen your curl pattern.

About the Healthy Hair Summit

The Healthy Hair Summit is a 2 day virtual summit with 5 experts in their industries. You get the information you need to get on the right track of your healthy hair journey.

With this Healthy Hair Summit, you get the tools that will ensure your success to help you towards your hair goals. Bring your pen and paper, there will be a lot of information that you'll be able to start using right away.

Joe cuts and styles hair according to the people’s professions and personalities. He also takes facial features into consideration, as well as looking at the shape of the head and forehead.

To know more about Joe Miguel’s journey and his research follow him on Instagram @joemiguel_, Facebook, and Youtube. Visit Wonder Curl for all 100% organic hair products.

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