Over Moisturize Your Hair, Why it Can Be Bad For Your Hair

Over Moisturize Your Hair, Why it Can Be Bad For Your Hair

In the recent era where knowledge reigns supreme, almost everyone is well aware of the importance of moisture for body and hair. This is why one of the most frequently asked questions related to hair care, is how to manage and balance the hair moisture. The natural oil made by your scalp is not enough to keep your hair moisturized. It requires external help as well. Using good and healthy products for your hair adds not only strength but shine and volume as well. But beware, moisture isn’t everything. Here is why it can be bad when you over moisturize your hair and how you can prevent it.

What Is Hygral Fatigue?

The main effect of over-hydration for hair is hygral fatigue. It is when your hair cuticles are damaged because they have been taking in or exiting an excessive amount of moisture. The human hair cuticle has a simple function that it swells up when wet and contracts back when dry. This is why because of a rapid change between both stages, it may weaken with time. This is what leads to hair breakage the most. Also, one should take proper protein to avoid hygral fatigue.


Hygral fatigue has two main symptoms that make it easy to point out if one needs more care.

  1. The balanced moisture and protein are symbolized by the elasticity of the hair. It can be physically seen by stretching wet hair and if it retains its original shape and length, it is said to be elastic and moisturized fine hair. However, hygral fatigue is mainly caused by excessive moisture in your hair. Therefore, it is necessary that we keep the moisture to an appropriate limit.
  2. A viscous or sticky consistency of the hair is actually a strong indication of your hair being over moisturize.


It is always a must to be extra careful with hair and skin, therefore one should immediately seek professional help when one sees these symptoms because a professional examines and concludes what the hair needs and what may turn out to be best for them. One may easily find tons of different products claiming to be effective for dry hair but it is always beneficial to use natural ingredients when it comes to hair care of skincare because natural hair care products have a minor risk of side effects.

It is a common misconception that it is good to have as moisture as you can; damage can occur when you over moisturize your hair. To give your hair the love and health that it deserves, www.wondercurl.com will provide you with just the right products.


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