Wonder Curl Partners with CLEANHUB to Drive Sustainable Change

Wonder Curl Partners with CLEANHUB to Drive Sustainable Change

Eco-Friendly Hair Care Brand Addresses Plastic Waste and Aids in Preserving Environment

Bloomfield, N.J. – July 8, 2021Wonder Curl, the leading indie vegan and clean hair care brand for curly hair of all textures announced that this ‘Plastic Free July’ it has partnered with innovative cleantech start up, CLEANHUB to heighten its commitment to sustainability and fight against plastic pollution. 

This vital partnership will further solidify Wonder Curl’s mission to create a positive environmental impact and achieve plastic neutrality through its line of eco-friendly hair care products and packaging. 

CLEANHUB’s platform connects sustainable brands like Wonder Curl with collection partners in developing countries that recover non-recyclable plastic before it enters the ocean and takes action against the issue with every product they sell. Utilizing its technology, the certified partners collect ocean-bound plastic and neutralize plastic emissions by recycling or using it as alternative fuel. CLEANHUB also empowers local communities to create large-scale collection businesses to reduce plastic pollution.

In 2019, Wonder Curl significantly reduced the amount of ‘new’ plastic it placed into the environment by introducing ecological jars that are made out of 100 percent recycled plastic or industrial resin. Recycled plastic only uses 10 percent of the same energy it would take to make ‘new’ plastic, ensuring that Wonder Curl took the necessary initial steps towards an effective solution to protect the planet.

"As part of Wonder Curl’s mission to make the world a better place and advocate for a brighter future, we are dedicated to sustainable alternatives for our business and products,” said Scarlett Rocourt, Founder of Wonder Curl. “We started our journey by offering 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free products, then by switching to completely recycled jars, and now we are taking that commitment even one step further by aiding in the clean-up of plastic waste in our communities through our CLEANHUB partnership,” Rocourt added.

By joining forces with CLEANHUB, Wonder Curl will continue to stay at the forefront of innovation and drive sustainable change throughout its operations while also contributing to an impactful solution that addresses plastic waste on a global scale.


Wonder Curl is a black-owned, indie vegan and clean hair care brand founded by Scarlett Rocourt in Bloomfield, N.J. Wonder Curl strives to make the world a better place by giving its customers great hair days, every day and empowers everyone with curly hair to wear their hair in its natural state with confidence. Wonder Curl holds its products to the highest standards and sources its ingredients only from vendors who maintain the same kind of values the company holds. Created by a curly for fellow curlies, each product is made vegan, cruelty-free, and without any silicones, parabens, and phthalates.


CLEANHUB is a company dedicated to free the planet from plastic pollution while offering solutions for brands to have a verifiable environmental impact. CLEANHUB works in global partnerships to recover plastic waste from the natural environment in critical regions, while its traceability technology keeps account of the person, quantity, quality and location of all activities. We empower communities around the world to cope with their own plastic waste, create incentives, develop waste management standards, and foster local entrepreneurship. In our network of recovery endpoints, we provide critical off-take agreements to safely treat plastic waste.


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