moisturizing hair pudding for moisturized natural hair

Moisturizing Hair Pudding

Get soft and moisturized hair with this hair pudding.

Experience the Moisturizing Hair Pudding

Unlike any other hair pudding you've tried, our Moisturizing Hair Pudding's unique formula combines Aloe vera, Shea butter and Castor oil to keep your hair hydrated, soft and defined. The creamy consistency is quickly absorbed into the hair. No oily residue. 

aloe vera shea butter castor oil for moisturized hair
Herbal Skin Care

Healing Aloe Vera

Long used for its topical healing properties, Aloe vera has become a favorite among Curlies. 
-It contains proteolytic enzymes that helps to promote hair growth
-Acts as a conditioner
-Reduces dandruff
-Contains Vitamins A,B,C & E

Power of Shea Butter

  • The fat extracted from the nut of the African, Shea trea, shea butter is widely used for haircare because of its incredible ability to keep hair moisturized. 
    - Prevents breakage
    -Contains Vitamins A & E
    -Essentially fatty acids helps to add moisture to the hair
    - Anti-inflammatory reduces redness and scalp irritation
Herbal Skin Care
Herbal Skin Care

Incredible Castor Oil

Castor oil has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Pressed from the castor bean, it's known to protect hair from damage. 
- Contains Ricinoleic acid, Omega 6, 9 fatty acids, Vitamin E and minerals
- Improves blood circulation
- Encourages hair growth
- Treats dandruff
- Reduces split ends
- Thickens hair


I got to try out the Moisturizing Hair Pudding and the curl jelly and my curls are popping!


My hair has the softest, shiniest, long lasting curls that last for days...please never change a thing! Love love love


I highly recommend the Moisturizing Hair Pudding! It was a transforming experience for me! Just try it!