Book a consult with me!

Get a 1-1 virtual consult with the founder of Wonder Curl, Scarlett, where we will discuss all aspects of your hair and lifestyle. Through that interaction, you'll receive a through haircare regimen that will bring your hair back to life. 

Consults are $45/half hour and you will receive a free copy of our Healthy Hair Planner to keep your hair on track to getting healthy. 

If you're interested, contact us at with 'I want a consult with Scarlett' in the subject line. 

What to expect in a consult:
1. I will ask you questions about your hair, your routine and your lifestyle. 
2. Any hair concerns that you might have. 
3. We will explore what you should and shouldn't be doing to achieve your healthy hair goals.
4. Create a routine that you'll be able to stick with and get you on your way to the hair you deserve. 

"I finally took the leap to reinvest in my hair and give it the attention it deserves. My consultation with Scarlett was the first step!! Why I hadn't thought of it sooner, I don't know but I am glad I did it.Scarlett's knowledge was a breath of fresh air for me and I learned so much about hair in such a short time. We could have talked all day but I left feeling excited and empowered. If there is any doubt be assured the consultation is worth it and you too will be glad you took the leap.Scarlett is an awesome "Black Girl that Rocks" and so is Wonder Curl!" ‚Äč- Sandy