Collection: Low Porosity, loose Hair Bundle

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Tips on caring for your low porosity, loose strands.
  1. You should always shampoo on your wash day. Low porosity hair can get product buildup quickly, even with water soluble products, using a cleansing shampoo will help eliminate that. We recommend our Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar.
  2. Use a light-weight conditioner such as our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser. Your hair doesn't need heavy oils and butters, it needs moisture! A light conditioner will soften your hair enough but won't coat it, so your hair can better absorb your products.
  3. Apply your styling products on sopping wet hair! Or use a steamer to help with the application. You'll want to expirement with the right balance of water to product ratio for your hair.
  4. Start by using small amounts of product and build on it until your strands feel smooth. If your hair is poofy, it might need more water to help it to absorb the products. Or use your steamer directly on your hair.
  5. Use a hooded dryer or diffuser to dry your hair. Air drying can leave your hair stiff and makes it harder for your hair to absorb your products. The ambient heat will help with that.