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Written by Dayo Lewis

Do I really want to work out after I just spent 4-6 hours washing and styling my hair? In a world where there is so much to do with so little time, every second counts. So re-washing and re-styling my hair during the week all because I need to work off the extra jiggle I obtained after eating bad all weekend should have been a priority. I somehow convince myself the couch is better because of:

Stinky hair
Itchy scalp
Sweating my roots out
Dry hair
No time to wash my hair during the week
“Hash-tag” Pure laziness

Sadly, the one thing we fail to realize is the benefit of working out. Not only is working out necessary to keep us healthy, make us feel and look good, it is one of the most effective ways to promote hair growth. (I bet you just pulled out your Taebo from the 90’s or renewed your gym membership.) A good workout gets the blood circulating which stimulates the scalp allowing blood to flow to the hair follicle.

So here are some tips to help with the above excuses, yes excuses:

1. Avoid washing your hair after every work out. Using shampoo every time you wash your hair strips the hair of its natural oils, making it dry and causing damage. Instead, co-wash (washing with conditioner instead of shampoo) or rinse your hair with water a few times prior to washday. Save the cleansing for washday.
2. Sweat dries out the hair, so you want to moisturize your hair everyday. Stick with light moisturizing leave-ins and oils. Oils with antifungal properties like Tea-Tree oil or Rosemary oil diluted in Jojoba oil and Coconut Oil is a win. Avoid heavy products, oils and butters, especially on your scalp, this only adds to the build-up.
3. Wear a satin scarf or gym wrap while you are working out to keep your hair in place and to prevent your edges from getting frizzy and your roots from getting fuzzy. Allow your hair to completely dry before taking the scarf off. Depending on your style, make sure you get your roots and scalp dry.
4. Schedule your workouts so you have time to workout and time to wash your hair.
5. Opt for low manipulation styles or care free styles that keep your hair away from your skin.

High bun or low bun
High ponytail
Twist/Braid and pin up
Roll and tuck
Pineapple method
Wet styles (Put hair into bun or style while hair is wet)
Loose twists, Small/Mini Twist or braids
Bantu knot

The best way for me to protect my hair during workouts is to twist or braid my hair. I wrap and bobby pin each twist/braid around my head to avoid shrinkage. I then tie a satin scarf or wig cap and if I am going to the gym or out in public I cover it up with a cap. This method of styling allows me to completely air dry my scalp after my workout. The next day, I take down my twist/braids then fluff and go. On the days I plan to wash or rinse, I do not bother twisting. Instead, I put in a high bun or do the pineapple method.

Dayo Lewis
IG: tootas_25

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