wash-n-go look for your 3a type curls

wash-n-go look for your 3a type curls


Nailah demonstrates how to achieve a quick and easy wash-n-go set on 3A/3B hair types. The Get Slick Hair Smoothie, Sealing Hair Butter and Get Set Hair Jelly combined will give you the softest and fluffiest curls you have ever had! Watch Nailah accomplish this wash-n-go hairstyle on her 3A/3B hair.

To master this wash-n-go look, check out Nailah’s method:

  1. Before styling, start on washed and conditioned hair. Make sure hair is nicely detangled.
  2. If hair is dry, lightly mist all over head to dampen hair.
  3. Squeeze a dime-sized of the Get Slick Hair Smoothie and apply it all over your hair.
  4. Flip hair over and begin raking the product throughout the hair from root to ends.
  5. Keep smoothing hair until your strands are completely moisturized and frizz free.
  6. Apply a nickel-sized of the Sealing Hair Butter throughout the hair and begin scrunching to form curls.
  7. Use a small amount of the Get Set Hair Jelly. Finger coil any strands that are wavy to create a curl pattern.
  8. Gently scrunch hair.
  9. Diffuse on cool setting or air dry.
  10. Use comb to pick at roots to create volume (optional).

The Get Slick Hair Smoothie is a light cream oil moisturizer that uses coconut oil, castor oil and aloe vera to impart hydration to curly strands without making your hair feel oily. Coconut oil helps to reduce protein loss in hair strands while castor oil seals in moisture to keep curls feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Our Sealing Hair Butter is like no other product. While it is extremely thick and loaded with castor oil and shea butter to seal in moisture, it doesn’t weigh your hair down or make it feel greasy. A little goes a long way and the results are touchably soft curls.

Our best seller, the Get Set Hair Jelly is an amazing styling gel that will define curls, keeping them frizz-free in in the humidity without your hair feeling stiff, crunchy and no flaking!

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