Wash-n-Go - the best wash-n-go for type 4 natural hair

Wash-n-Go - the best wash-n-go for type 4 natural hair


Don't think you can achieve a wash-n-go because you have Type 4 natural hair? Think again! It all comes down to using the right natural hair products and your technique. Wonder Curl products work great on type 4 hair because they enhance your natural curl pattern and help the curls to elongate, while still feeling soft to the touch. 



For this wash-n-go, we used Sealing Hair Butter and Get Set Hair Jelly to set the hair. Type 4 hair, especially type 4c texture, typically is most fragile of all the hair types. Because the hair is so coily, every curl is a potential break point, and thus needs the most care and best ingredients to keep the curls hydrated. 
Our Sealing Hair Butter is the perfect product to keep moisture sealed in without weighing your hair down. The Get Set Hair Jelly is not your average gel. It's great on all curl types, but Type 4 hair will love this jelly because it combats shrinkage and locks in your curl definition. 
  • To achieve this look you want to start on freshly washed hair. If this is your first time using the Wonder Curl line, then it is recommended that you first do a clarifying shampoo to remove any product build-up and followed by a deep conditioning treatment. 
  • Tools you'll need are a wide tooth comb, clips and spray bottle with water. Use the spray bottle as your hair starts to dry out. Wash-n-go work best on wet hair. 
  • Put hair into several small sections depending on the hair's length and thickness. This gets your hair out of the way while you apply our moisturizing natural hair products. 
  • In the first section, apply the Sealing Hair Butter to your wet hair. The Sealing Hair Butter is very rich and will need to be emulsified in your hands before applying to your hair. Make sure your hair has fully absorbed the Sealing Hair Butter
  • Immediately follow-up the Sealing Hair Butter with layering the Get Set Hair Jelly on your hair. Our Get Set Hair Jelly is what defines your hair and gives you that 'fresh out the shower look'. A little goes a long way and the amount you use is determined by your hair's thickness as well as the humidity outside. If it's humid out, you'll want to apply more Get Set Hair Jelly than the Sealing Hair Butter. If it's dry outside, then vice versa. 
  • Repeat applying the Sealing Hair Butter and Get Set Hair Jelly to sections until your hair is completely saturated in the products. Don't touch your hair as it dries. 
Contrary to popular thought, air-drying isn't the best way to dry your hair. We suggest either sitting under a hooded hair dryer or using a blowdryer with a diffuser. 

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Detoxifying Clay Cleanser

sealing hair butter seals in the moisture in wash-n-go

Sealing Hair Butter

Get Set Hair Jelly

If you're having trouble perfecting your wash-n-go, check out this article on why your wash-n-go is failing.  

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