Wash Day Routine: We Give You Do's & Don'ts

Wash Day Routine: We Give You Do's & Don'ts

Creating a wash day routine for your natural hair can be difficult for any novice out there. It can take a lot of time and confusing when it comes to washing your hair. We are making it a bit easier for you today by creating a step-by-step process of your wash day routine with the help of a list of Do’s and Don’ts.

Wash Day Routine Step 1- Preparation:

Do: Detangle your hair properly before washing them. For thick natural hair, it is important to comb thoroughly with a wide-tooth comb or simply with fingers.

Don’t: Never start combing your hair from the roots. You will break your hair and give yourself a headache if you do so. As we all know the thick hair gets more tangled so always start combing the hair from the tips and slowly go up to the roots.

Do: Be sure to get the right products; shampoo, and conditioner, according to your hair type and porosity level of your hair.

Don’t: Just because you saw it in a commercial does not mean it works for you too. Never choose a product because of its commercial value.

Your wash day routine do's and don'ts
Wash Day Routine Do’s and Don’ts

Wash Day Step 2- Washing:

Do: Sectioning is very important for a natural hair wash day routine. To get the most benefit of a product, you must section your hair into 3 or 4 parts and apply shampoo. This will help the product to get into every bit of your hair and work effectively. Follow up with a deep conditioner for your hair.

Don’t: Stop rushing and take your time for wash day. This means you should not just do it quickly. Apply the conditioner and rinse it out thoroughly. The remains of the products will create flakes in your hair that can cause dandruff and itching.

Wash Day Step 3- Drying:

Do: Use a blow dryer or a diffuser to dry your hair. Set the temperature according to your hair type or use medium heat. The blow dryer would add extra volume to your hair as you like. You can also use the hooded hair dryer for a gentle hair drying experience. How you dry your hair is an important part of your wash day routine.

Don’t: We Do Not recommend air drying as part of your wash day routine. The more time water stays on your hair the more it weakens the hair. Your hair will become brittle and dry over time.


So these were some wash day do’s and don’ts. Follow these amazing tips to create your perfect wash day routine. This will also help the products to work more effectively. Remember to relax and enjoy your wash day, listen to music, and light some candles. It is called Wash DAY for a reason.

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