4 Tips to Wash Curly Hair to Reduce Tangles and Keep Your Curls Healthy

4 Tips to Wash Curly Hair to Reduce Tangles and Keep Your Curls Healthy

It's that day again and you are dreading having to wash curly hair. All of the tangles and not to mention the possibility of your hair drying out when you use shampoo. Well, it doesn't have to be an all out war between you and your detangling brush.

But, how do you know if the shampoo is doing wonders? Many shampoos are not doing the right thing when it comes to washing hair. If you haven’t heard of a clarifying charcoal shampoo bar, then are you even alive? Read ahead to find some great techniques along with a wonderful product that you won’t be able to live without.

how to wash curly hair
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How to Begin Washing Curly Hair in the Shower?

To wash curly hair, you just need to know a few basic tips. The following are some useful techniques that you can add to your hair care routine.

Step 1:

If your hair is very tangled, then you will want to detangle it first. The gentlest way to do this is to do a 'pre-poo' treatment. A pre-poo is simply adding a conditioner first. Yes, it may sound weird, but applying conditioner before shampoo helps in washing your hair properly.

The thing is that you need a good amount of time (5-7 minutes) for the conditioner to settle and loosen up any tangles. You can use our Restoring Hair Treatment for this first step. It has a good amount of slip to help get comb or brush to glide through your hair easily.

To detangle, you want to work in sections. Starting from the ends of your hair, and working your way up each section as you draw the tangles down the hair shaft and out.

Step 2:

Now for the fun part for when you wash curly hair. Apply shampoo mostly on your scalp and massage your head until the foam is formed. You'll want to use a clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup. If you're using a shampoo bar such as our Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar, then you can rub the bar directly to your scalp to get a good lather going.

Step 3:

Follow up with a good conditioner. When you wash curly hair with a clarifying shampoo, you want to do a deep conditioning treatment. This will help replace the moisture you lost during the shampoo process. You can check out how to deep condition curly hair here. Rinse hair out thoroughly.

Step 4:

Use a microfiber or teeshirt to hold up your hair. Because of the natural of curly hair, you never want to rub your hair with a towel to dry it. This will cause the cuticle to lift and over time will cause damage. Instead, you can plop your hair and tie it up in the towel until you're ready to style your hair.

Which Shampoo do We Recommend?

Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar

The best shampoo for when you wash curly hair is our clarifying charcoal shampoo bar. This amazing product is all that you need for nourishment. The charcoal helps in removing all kinds of toxins from your hair and leaves the hair looking healthy and fresh. It’s made of a mixture of oils along with charcoal which is a perfect blend for maintaining beautiful hair.

Well, That Sums Up

We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and look forward to trying this amazing product for washing curly hair. Visit our website www.wondercurl.com and shop away this brilliant shampoo before it runs out of stock.


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