If you're looking for products that will define your fine, type 3b hair, then check out DejaLynn's review and tutorial as she twirls her hair into these perfect curls.

In this video, DejaLynn uses our Moisturizing Hair Pudding to hydrate her type 3b hair and the Curl Control Styling Lotion to lock in the curl. As a result, her curls are soft with the appearance of volume in her fine hair.

How to get this look for your type 3b hair

section your type 3b hair

1. Section your hair to make the application process easier

2. To the first section, apply a small amount of the Moisturizing Hair Pudding. The amount you use will be determined by the density of your hair, but a little does go a long way.

3. To the same section, apply a thin layer of the Curl Control Styling Lotion over where you already applied the Moisturizing Hair Pudding.

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until your entire type 3b hair until it is done.
Scrunch your hair with your hands to help form more curls.

5. In certain areas, you might need to twirl around your finger to create more definition.


Moisturizing Hair Pudding
Moisturizing Hair Pudding
Hair Moisturizer Cream Pudding
Moisturizing Hair Pudding Wonder Curl
Moisturizer Hair Pudding Curly Hairstyles

Moisturizing Hair Pudding

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Curl Control Styling Lotion
Curl Control Styling Lotion
Curl Control Styling Lotion Wonder Curl
Natural Curl Control Styling Lotion

Curl Control Styling Lotion

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To let hair dry, we recommend using a diffuser on your blow dryer or sitting under a hooded hair dryer.

Don't touch your hair until it's fully dry!

Type 3b hair with our moisturizing hair pudding and curl control styling lotion