Styling type 3a curls; the best techniques and products.

Styling type 3a curls; the best techniques and products.

When it comes to type 3a curls, less product is definitely more. Looser curls can absorb products a lot easier than tighter or coily curls. And when you add too much product, this causes type 3a curls to look stringy and to hang more. You'll want to make best friends with the diffuser on your blow dryer.

Type 3a curls typically have an 'S' pattern and have well defined curls. However, the longer the hair, the looser it can become because of the weight on the hair. Using the right types of products and technique will help with achieving volume and definition while keeping your hair moisturized.

The Method to Styling Type 3A Curls

The method we like to use on type 3a curls is the raking method. You would layer your products and then use your fingers to rake the products throughout. You are able to gauge how much product to use per section. Since we can have different textures on one head!
Lets get into the techniques used for the best results when using your Wonder Curl products :
1. Spray your hair with water as needed.
Think of your hair as a plant that needs time to grow, to flourish and regenerate. Just like a plant your curls need water too.
2. Section your hair into even parts by detangling for easier manipulation before styling.
3. Apply a small amount of Moisturizing Hair Pudding to your curls and distribute evenly.
This product will leave your hair moisturized, soft and hydrated.
4. Enhance your natural curl pattern by applying the Curl Control Styling lotion.
Who doesn't love a beautiful, defined curly hairstyle!
5. Repeat the steps throughout each section of your hair -
6. For the Best results use a Diffuser that attaches to your blow dryers to dry curls
The diffuser acts as fingers and reduces the chances of frizzy hair.
7. Fluff at the roots for added volume!
We always recommend using a gentle heat such as a hooded hair dryer or the diffuser on medium for wet hair when drying hair over air drying. While many curlies opt to avoid heat altogether, research has shown that air drying can also be damaging to our fragile curls. We discuss this at length here.
With these steps you are sure to give your curls more body and definition, Love your Curls with Wonder Curl!
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