How to Style Curly Hair in the Winter to Avoid Frizz

How to Style Curly Hair in the Winter to Avoid Frizz

Winters is almost here and did you know that our hair needs more care than our skin needs? Because curly hair gets drier in winter, this is a very common problem among women who have curly hair.

Why does curly hair have to face a lot of Frizz?

As we all know that curly and wavy hair has more tendency to frizz. Winter is not only a single reason behind your frizzy hair. But there are some other reasons due to which we can say that you have to face dryness and frizziness in your hair. So, the reasons can be -

  • Genetic features
  • The hair products you are using
  • Oily scalp
  • Your hair care regimen
  • Your technique...

Now you know some of the reasons behind frizzy hair. Now, I will tell you about some tips to avoid the frizziness of curly hair in the winter.

curly hair
Winterize your curly hair

Curly Hair: Washing tips


Hair Oiling is a great habit to get into, especially before you are going to wash your hair. Coconut oil, along with olive oil, neem oil, and almond oil, are great oils for your hair if it is high porosity. Simply heat the oil and apply it from your scalp to the tip of your hair. You can apply oil 2 to 3 hours before your hair washing. Finally, use an organic shampoo to wash it away, and you're good to go! Always remember don’t over massage your hair, just massage gently with your fingertips.

Say no to hot water

Sometimes people think that washing hair with hot water is good. But it’s not good at all. Because hot water can dry up your curly hair and harm your scalp, which is extremely sensitive in the winter. So, instead of hot water, you can use lukewarm water for washing hair.

Choose your hair products wisely

Often we all buy products available in the market which are not good for our hair. Because every product contains different ingredients that can also damage our hair. So, it is better to first identify your hair porosity and then choose a product for your hair.

For low porosity hair, we recommend our Moisturizing Hair Pudding and for medium to high porosity, layering our Sealing Hair Butter helps keep your curls hydrated.

Curly Hair: Conditioning tips

Never use 2 in 1 shampoo (Shampoo + Conditioner)

Shampoo and conditioner perform two different functions. Shampoo removes dirt from your scalp, while conditioner smoothes your strands and maintains their shine. As a result, combining them into a single product will not produce the same effects. Always use conditioner when your washing process is done.

Styling product

Whenever you go to style your curly hair use our Curl Control Styling Lotion. Organic Curl control styling lotion to hydrate and define curls, remove frizz, and smooth textured hair.

How does it work?

  • Lock your hair in a specific shape or style, such as twists or hair rollers.
  • It protects your hair by coating it.
  • It prevents your strands from drying out.
  • This lotion prevents moisture from being absorbed by the hair.

Pro Tip: For your curly hair use Deep conditioning treatments once a week.

Final Thoughts

The air is dry throughout the winter because there is a lack of moisture in it. And this, in turn, causes skin and scalp dryness. When your scalp becomes dry, your curly hair looks even more dry. Keep yourself hydrated from inside, drink plenty of water.

Winter is here, so your hair needs a little bit of care!!!

If you are going to follow any of our tips or are already following any method to avoid frizz, do share with us in the comment section.

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