Spring Haircare - switching up your natural hair routine for hydration

Spring Haircare - switching up your natural hair routine for hydration

Spring marks the transition from the cooler, drier air of winter to the warmer, more humid temperatures of summer. Now is the time to update your spring haircare routine. Because of that, your hair might not know what is going on. Here, we will share some tips on how to get your hair hydrated during the spring months.

Start with a good shampoo and conditioner as part of your spring haircare routine. Shampooing will not only remove the products from your hair but also the pollen and pollution which can exacerbate any allergies. Remember, your hair is a sponge. You want to make sure you are using products that will help lock in moisture and keep your hair hydrated. Our Restoring Hair Treatment contains avocado butter, shea butter, tamanu oil, and olive oil, emollients that will penetrate and strengthen your hair.

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Moisturize regularly: Spring weather can be unpredictable, and natural hair tends to be drier than other hair types. It's important to keep your hair moisturized by using a leave-in conditioner such as our Moisturizing Hair Pudding, or light hair oils like our Gimme Shine Hair Oil, and by drinking plenty of water.

Avoid extreme heat for spring haircare

Avoid heat-styling tools whenever possible during the spring months. They can dry out your strands even more and cause damage over time. Instead, keep your tools on the lower setting or use a hooded dryer when drying your hair.

Invest in a humidifier for your home or office space if it is particularly dry indoors during the spring months. This can help add some much-needed moisture back into the air which can help keep your hair healthy too!

Spring haircare - try flat twists if you have heat damage to give your hair a break

Styles you can try this spring

Try doing twist-outs or braid-outs. These are great, low-manipulation protective hairstyles that will help your hair lock in moisture while keeping your ends tucked away.

Eat a healthy diet: What you eat can affect the health of your hair. Make sure you're eating plenty of foods with healthy fats, and vitamins like biotin and vitamin C to promote healthy hair growth. And be sure to get out and enjoy that sun!

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