How to Stretch Your Curls
Does shrinkage make your hair feel short? Hair shrinkage is a phenomenon that most curlies complain about. Therefore, to reduce shrinkage should be one of the most important thing in your to-do list.
You should note that the curlier and thicker your hair, the shorter it can appear once it’s fully dry. Fret not, my pets. Below are some simple suggestions that will get you the curls that you’ve been…er…longing for as well as reduce shrinkage. LOL!
  1. Pineappling – simply, this is when you put your hair into a bun on top of your head after it is completely dry and ends up looking like a pineapple. This is also an effective method to maintaining your curly styles overnight.
  2. Banding – taking sections of your hair and creating small ponytails using snagfree elastic bands. Place the bands on each ponytail from root to tip. Keep bands in until your hair is dry. Style as usual.
  3. Stretching while blow-drying – after hair is about 80% air dried, blow dry in sections by gently pulling hair down with the nozel also in a downward motion. To minimize the damage from heat always use on a low/to medium setting. Better still, use the cool button feature on your blow dryer.
  4. Twist-outs or Braid-outs – section wet hair and braid or twist each section. Air dry or use a hard bonnet hair dryer. Use fingers to separate once hair is fully dry.
  5. Bantu Knots – section wet hair and twist each section into a ‘knot’ same as if you were putting your hair into a bun. Secure each knot with an elastic band. Use fingers to separate once hair is fully dry
  • Feb 16, 2019
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