Mineral Oil for Hair: Why we don’t use it in any of our products.

Mineral Oil for Hair: Why we don’t use it in any of our products.

Mineral oil is a popular ingredient in many beauty and hair care products. It is said to treat damaged hair, eliminate dandruff, and can help moisturize hair. So, after all these benefits, the question is, why don’t we use mineral oil in our hair products? Let us take you to the world of mineral oil to answer your question.

Mineral oil for hair- a debatable topic

The usage of mineral oil is debatable. Although it has become a vital ingredient in many hair care products, many people prefer to keep their hair away from it. You must be thinking: why is it so? Well, the reason is simple but, before that, we would like to tell you what mineral oil exactly is.

What is mineral oil?

Mineral oil is derived from crude oil. Yes, crude oil, the very same oil that many of us use to fill our cars. Crude oil is purified until it is refined into a slippery fluid that goes straight into cosmetic products. Mineral oil is a colorless and odorless liquid that is used in hair care products as a moisturizing agent. It is hydrophobic which means it can repel water. Due to this feature, it is less likely to cause problems like allergies or irritation.

However, there is a problem with mineral oil. Crude oil contains many toxins and carcinogenic material that can damage your hair. If not distilled properly, crude oil will pass on these toxins to mineral oil.

mineral oil for hair is bad
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Since crude oil has cheap manufacturing costs, most companies do not bother to pay attention to the oil’s distillation process. Also, it might seem to be an organic product. But since it goes through multiple steps of commercial processing to reach supermarket shelves, we cannot say that mineral oil occurs naturally.

Now, let’s move ahead and tell you why we don’t use it in our product.

Why don’t we use mineral oil in our products?

There are multiple reasons for not using mineral oil in our products and here is a list of some of those.

#1 Mineral oil for hair is not eco-friendly

Extracting mineral oil from crude oil is not the best way to treat our earth. The entire process of purification is not eco-friendly and can harm our planet. The purification process is not sustainable and, we are highly against it. Also, let’s not forget that there is a limited amount of crude oil so, it isn’t renewable.

#2 No minerals

“Mineral” oil does not contain any minerals or vitamins despite its name. The only use of the oil is for moisturizing. Mineral oil does not supply any nutrients to your hair. So, wouldn’t it be better to use an oil that could provide some nutrients to your hair and lubricate them at the same time?

#3 Build-up residue

Mineral oil can cause product build-up. If you are using hair products containing mineral oil and not washing your hair thoroughly, the oil will stick to your hair for a long time resulting in residue build-up that can harm your hair.

#4 Mineral oil for hair may affect growth

Your scalp is where the hair growth process takes place. Even though mineral oil cannot stop or reduce your hair growth, some studies show that it can have a disruptive effect on the skin of your scalp. This effect can lead to poor hair growth.

Using mineral oil in hair care products is not the wisest idea and, for that reason, we have eliminated this ingredient from our product. So, what do we use in our products?

What do we really use in our hair products?

We started our journey from a kitchen rather than a lab. For that reason, we only use the best natural ingredients in our products. We didn’t want to include any sort of fillers into our products and, that’s why we keep only those things that actually works wonder for hair. Here is a list of some ingredients that we use

Castor oil

It increases blood flow in the scalp promoting hair growth. Castor oil moisturizes our hair and helps us get rid of dandruff and irritation.

Aloe vera

This ingredient has countless hair care benefits. It adds extra soft texture to hair, reduces frizziness (which is extremely vital for curly hair), relieves dandruff and itchy scalp.

Shea butter

Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce redness and scalp irritation.

All these products have beneficial effects on hair and, that’s why they are primary ingredients in our hair care products.

There you go! Using mineral oil in hair care products is a debatable topic. Since we wanted to make our hair products from natural hair care ingredients, we kept mineral oil away from our manufacturing area. We want to help people seeking hair care products for their curls and, that’s why we commit to offering nothing but the best.

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