Tips To Hydrate Low Porosity Hair

Tips To Hydrate Low Porosity Hair

If you have ever felt frustrated by your hair's inability to absorb moisture or found yourself applying product after product without seeing any improvement, it's possible that you have low porosity hair. Such hair resists moisture absorption due to its tightly packed cuticles, making it challenging for water and products to penetrate.

Identify Low Porosity Hair

One of the easiest ways to identify low porosity hair is to pay attention to how it absorbs water. When you wet your hair, does it take a long time for it to become saturated? OR does it remain stiff and resistant to absorption? Another way to tell is by observing how your hair reacts to products. If your products seem to sit on top of your hair without being absorbed, you may have the type of hair we are concerned about.

how to hydrate your low porosity hair
low porosity hydration tips

Low Porosity Hair Hydration Tips

The good news is that this type of hair is a sign of healthy, undamaged hair. However, caring for such hair requires a different approach than caring for other types of hair. Traditional deep conditioning may not be as effective for low porosity hair, as it may actually inhibit the hair's ability to absorb moisture.

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Instead of deep conditioning, try using a cleansing shampoo to remove any buildup on your hair. This will help your hair to absorb moisture more easily. After shampooing, use a lighter conditioner to soften your hair. You can also try a three-in-one cleanser that can be used as a cleanser, conditioner, and detangler.

Once you have cleansed and conditioned your low porosity hair, it's time to apply your products. Be sure to use lightweight products that won't weigh down your hair or make it feel greasy. If you use a hair dryer, consider sitting under a hooded dryer to help your hair absorb the product more easily.

To conclude

It's important to remember that low porosity hair requires patience and consistency. Don't expect immediate results, and be willing to try different products and techniques until you find what works best for you. With the right care, you can help your hair absorb moisture and look its best.

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