How to Hydrate and Moisturize Your Hair to Last for Days

How to Hydrate and Moisturize Your Hair to Last for Days

To hydrate and moisturize your hair doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With some patience and the right method, you can get your hair to stay hydrated and feeling moisturized for a week.

I’ve tried this method to hydrate my hair using different combinations of the products. The only difference was how defined my hair came out, my hair was able to stay hydrated all week. At the end of the day, it is your preference on how much definition and volume you want. As long as you can hydrate and moisturize your hair.

Building My Haircare Regimen

My hair is Type 3C so my curls are about the size of a pencil eraser. The strands are about medium thickness, hair is dense (I have a lot of hair), and is both medium porosity along the parameter and low porosity on the middle of my hair. My hair has more low porosity than medium porosity. Understanding how the low porosity parts of my hair worked brought me to this method. It does take longer overall, but the results, IMO, are worth it. Done correctly, you will learn how to hydrate and moisturize your hair. I could probably get over a week, but I choose to wash my hair weekly to keep my scalp healthy.

hydrate and moisturize your hair
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What is so great about this method and why should you try it? It helps to get that moisture our hair needs to keep it elastic. Hair that is dry doesn't stretch and snaps easily. So, it's about finding that balance. When we add more water to our hair, we are giving it that moisture. Applying certain products will help to seal in the moisture to keep our hair hydrated. Conversely, if our hair isn't already hydrated and we add more products, we are just coating our hair and not giving it moisture. That's why washing and conditioning our hair is key to keeping hair hydrated.

Cleansing to Moisturize and Hydrate Your Hair

  1. Cleans the hair of any debris and removes product buildup.
  2. Temporary opens the cuticles so it can accept that water aka moisture.
  3. Makes it easier for our hair to absorb products.
hydrate and moisturize your hair
Photographer: Suad Kamardeen | Source: Unsplash

Hydrating Low Porosity Hair

For low porosity hair, absorbing water and product is the biggest challenge. I have found that when my hair is almost soaking wet it works best. I also learned that I needed more water and less product. This was the complete opposite when I used to color my hair and it was high porosity (I needed more product to temporarily seal the cuticle). Know the balance to hydrate and moisturize your hair.

I also recommend sitting under a hooded hair dryer for drying hair. There is a difference between hydrated hair and wet hair. Wet hair is weakened and when we air dry, we keep our hair in that weakened state. This actually is damaging to our hair. Sitting under a hooded hair dryer gives us a nice ambient heat that will help our hair to absorb the products as well as dry the hair without being drying. So, it serves 2 purposes that end up keeping our hair hydrated. I hope this helps you in your haircare journey. Building a regimen is key to growing healthy hair. How to hydrate and moisturize your hair is your main goal. Perhaps there are some key takeaways that you'll be able to incorporate into your own regimen.

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