How to palm roll and maintain dread locks

How to palm roll and maintain dread locks

Palm Roll Dread Locked Hair with Wonder Curl’s Natural Hair Products

If you’re looking for products to palm roll your dread locks that will leave your hair feeling soft & shiny without any flakes or dryness, then you want to check out our Get Slick Hair Smoothie & Get Set Hair Jelly.

In the above video, NYC stylist, Nancy, shows us how she uses the products in her client, Jennifer’s hair as part of her lock maintenance routine.

  1. Nancy starts by misting Jennifer’s locks with water to add moisture into her new growth. Nancy explains that it is important to get moisture into the hair so that it won’t become dry and brittle.
  2. She then massages the Get Slick Hair Smoothie into Jennifer’s hair. The Get Slick Hair Smoothie locks in the moisture without weighing her hair down. By locking in the moisture, you’re ensuring your locks will be healthy and won’t pop or break off.
  3. She applies the Get Set Hair Jelly over the new growth of each section and then rolls the locks into place. The Get Set Hair Jelly sets each fresh lock without being hard or crunchy.
  4. Nancy finishes by affixing each new lock with a hair clip so that it won’t unravel.
  5. She sets Jennifer under a hooded dryer for about 30 minutes to allow her hair to completely dry.
  6. Once Jennifer’s hair is dry, Nancy styles it into a simple updo that can be worn at the office or a night out.

For ideal lock maintenance, Nancy recommends that clients get their locks done every month to have their hair washed, conditioned and retwisted. If they twist their hair too much, it can cause each lock to weaken and break. Going once a month to retwist only the new growth keeps hair strong.

While dread locks requires less work typically than loose, natural hair, it still requires some care, especially to the scalp. For clients who suffer from dry hair and scalp, Nancy likes to do hot oil treatments to help alleviate some of the symptoms. She likes Wonder Curl’s Restoring Hair Treatment because it combines healthy oils & butters such as olive oil and avocado butter with conditioners to give locks a balance of moisture.

What do you think of this look? Do you have dread locks? Let us know in the comments.

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