How to avoid breakage during blowout season.

How to avoid breakage during blowout season.

As fall and winter approaches, many of us go to the salon for a blowout to freshen up our look. While a blowout can add volume and texture to your hair, the heat styling tools can also cause breakage. In this article, we'll discuss ways to avoid breakage during blowout season while still achieving beautiful results. We'll discuss pre-treatment preparation, reducing styling techniques, and post-blowout care tips in-depth. Read to learn how you can keep your hair healthy and fabulous during this hot weather season!


When preparing to get a blowout, it's important to start with healthy and moisturized hair. Use a weekly deep conditioner, apply oil to ends before styling to avoid breakage. Also trim split ends before your appointments to prevent heat damage. It's also important to protect your scalp from potential damage by applying a heat protectant before starting the blowout process.

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When relying on heated styling tools for your blowout, keep the heat at a lower setting to avoid breakage. This will help to prevent damage & you achieve the look you're going for without compromising the health of your hair. It's also important to use a boar bristle brush when styling! This type of brush is gentler on your hair and won't cause as much friction and breakage. Additionally, make sure to take breaks in between sections so that you're not applying too much heat in one area.

avoid breakage
Restoring Hair Treatment for intense conditioning


After getting a blowout, it's essential to continue taking care of your hair with regular nourishing treatments and protective styles to avoid breakage. Be sure to avoid putting too much strain on your hair by tying it up too tightly or sleeping with it wet. Additionally, trim off any split ends that may have developed during the blowout process and use a deep conditioning mask to help repair any damage done by the heat.

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With the right pre-treatment preparation, styling techniques, and post-blowout care, you can keep your hair healthy and avoid breakage during blowout season. Taking precautions to minimize risk when styling and investing in regular treatments will ensure that your hair remains strong and healthy all fall and winter long!

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