About Healthy hair: 5 Things I wish I knew

About Healthy hair: 5 Things I wish I knew

Today we are going share the top 5 things that every curly wish they knew to get their healthy hair.

Things about healthy hair

Relaxed hair

The first thing we wish we knew was that relaxed hair and natural hair are two different animals. We mean, it's your hair, right? Because we usually relax our hair to make it straight, how we are styling our healthy hair is different from doing a wash-n-go for example. Normally, you wash, condition, and apply a heat protectant and/or some setting lotion before straightening your hair. The steps are pretty straightforward and really don't matter what your hair's porosity or curl pattern is.

However, now that you're natural and want to wear your natural hair out, you have to understand the 4 pillars of hair. That is your hair's porosity, structure, density & type. You practically have to have a degree in hair! The reason is, now, you're working with your own hair in its "raw" form which might need more hydration. Having that information means different products and techniques.

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The porosity of healthy hair

The 2nd thing we wish we knew about healthy hair was that color treatments can change your hair's porosity. We used to color our hair to the point where we didn't know our natural hair color. Because of the color, our hair was always somewhere between medium porosity and high porosity. This meant our hair absorbed water and products easily. This also meant we had to work harder to maintain that hydration, especially after we went platinum blond. However, we no longer color our hair. And as our hair grew, we learned our hair is actually more low porosity. So, having this new "hair", we had to relearn the best ways to apply our products on wash day which is different from when our hair was medium porosity, even though we still use the same products.

healthy hair comes from consistency

Conditioning our hair

The 3rd thing we wish we knew about our natural healthy hair that we know now is, we don't need to deep condition weekly. And with our hair being the healthiest it's ever been, we don't need to deep condition at all! We need to start thinking of deep conditioning and protein treatments, for that matter, as taking antibiotics. You might need it as prescribed for a certain issue with your hair, but after that, you probably could discontinue deep conditioning.

Healthy Hair Moisture

4th thing we wish we knew is that moisture overload is real! We cringe when we think about how we'd wet our hair, add conditioner and then leave our hair in a wet bun all day at the office and then rinse it out when we got home. In our head, we are giving our hair extra moisture, only to find out now that we was overloading our hair which ends up making it dryer!


And the 5th thing we wish we knew then that we know now is shampoo hydrates and conditioner seals. While we was never a fan of conditioner-only washes, it wasn't until we discovered our hair is low porosity that we realized how important shampooing it every time we washed it was. Not only did it remove any product build-up, but it also helped our hair to absorb moisture. And using conditioner lubricates the hair to lock in that moisture. We were always told that the conditioner was hydrating. Not so, because conditioners have emollients and those emollients are what coat the strands.

healthy hair for natural curly hair
Restoring Hair Treatment for Healthy Hair

Once we began to understand these 5 things about our hair, it all started to make sense and our hair was no longer this mystery.

Did you learn anything new? Let me know in the comments below!

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Wonderful information given. I use to swear by deep conditioning. After reading this article, I will try to see if my hair really needs it as often!


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