5 hair habits to kick in 2022 and not take with us into 2023

5 hair habits to kick in 2022 and not take with us into 2023

It is December 2022 and it’s time we learn these 5 hair habits to kick. You might think it’s helping your hair or your wallet, but it’s actually worse for your hair and can cost you more in the long run. So, let’s stop them so we can get great hair in 2022.

5 hair habits to kick

Slick back buns

It's easy and it's sleek. Its also causing you breakage. Especially if this is your daily goto style. The constant rewetting, adding more product and then brushing your hair back are a few hair habits to kick because they are causing your hair to fray, just like any fiber. This also will eventually 'relax' your hair by breaking down the bonds in your hair. Instead, we recommend switching it up and trying looser buns, or using a headband.

hair habits to kick in 2022 for healthy hair

Using food in your hair: hair habits to kick

Using food in your hair. I love a good DIY just like the next person, but have you seen food prices lately? Plus eating the food would benefit your hair way more than if you put it on your hair. It might feel good to make a banana smoothie as a hair mask, but the reality is that the molecules in the food is too big to penetrate into your hair and it won't make a different. Better to buy hair products that were formulated for your hair and to keep the produce for your meals

Coloring your hair at home

Coloring your hair at home. I know getting your hair colored by an expert can be costly, and there is good reason for that. The good colorists will cost more, but you'll also get better results with less damage. Plus, if you don't love your final color, the good ones will fix it until you are happy. Before going to any new stylist, you should do a hair consult and check references or reviews if you can.

hair habits to kick for healthy hair
Photographer: Ben Masora | Source: Unsplash

Sleeping with wet hair: hair habits to kick

or just leaving your hair wet for an extended period of time. That includes leaving your conditioner in your hair all day, air drying etc. Too much moisture in your hair can lead to hygral fatigue. This happens when your hair is overloaded with moisture and the bonds in your hair become damaged. Resulting in limp, brittle hair. Every once in a while won't make a huge difference, but this is not a habit you want to keep. So, if you want to get healthy hair, this is one of the hair habits to kick.

Detangling dry hair

We've seen the videos where the creator will detangle their hair dry before doing another detangling session in the shower. This is unnecessary, takes up extra time and can cause more breakage. Dry, curly hair has a tendency to wrap around itself and form knots. If you feel this is you, then you want to apply a good conditioner with slip. Make sure your hair is soaking wet. Section your hair and start from the ends and work your way up. Be gentle and take your time.

Detoxifying Clay Cleanser for detangling curly hair
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