Gel is flaking? Here are 3 reasons and how you can fix it

Gel is flaking? Here are 3 reasons and how you can fix it

Wash-n-gos can be tricky until you figure out the best technique for your hair. There's rake & shake, prayer method, and our favorite which is layering your products. But even with the best technique, your gel is flaking. But fear not, I'm here to share the top 3 reasons why this happens and what you can do to stop it.

Gel is flaking: 3 reasons and solutions

How to clump your gel

You used too much hair gel

Gels are great for creating clumpage which is how you get great definition and minimum frizz. When you're applying your products you might not get that clumping you want, so you go for more gel. Not so fast. Too much gel can create flaking and sometimes what you actually need is more water.

If you've smoothed all your products, but your hair is still poofy, it could be because your hair is low porosity and needs more moisture. Before you go for more product, try spritzing more water first. Finding the right water-to-product ratio takes some trial and error, but once you find it, you'll know it.

Gel is flaking due to poor rinsing

The second reason your gel might be flaking is because you didn't rinse all of your conditioner out of your hair. Rinse out conditioners should be thoroughly rinsed out of your hair. If you don't you could get a filmy residue on your hair and that just doesn't mix well with a hair gel. We like to rinse our conditioner out in sections while separating our hair to ensure all the conditioner is gone.

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Doesn't suit your leavein

Probably the most common reason your gel is flaking is because it doesn't play well with your leavein. A telltale sign that your moisturizing product and gel don't mix is seeing those little white balls form as you work your products into your hair. If this happens, you'll want to rinse your hair out and start over. It's also best to first try the products from the same line and they were designed to work together.

If your gel is flaking, try to adjust and see if it's because of any of the reasons above and adjust your routine accordingly.

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