Diffuser Hair Dryers

PictureEvery curly needs to have a diffuser in her hair arsenal. These hair dryer attachments help distribute the heated air evenly and doesn’t disturb the curls the same way a blowdryer without one would do. A diffuser is used to create curl, body and texture. There are a few different types of diffusers to choose from; finger, without fingers and the mitt diffuser.

If you are looking to create more curls with your hair and add more volume, then the finger diffuser is your best bet. They can cost as little at $5.99 to as much as $34.99 and generally fit most hair dryers. These are the most popular types. Diffusers without fingers resemble a vent and work similarly to a mitt diffuser. Mitt diffusers also help distribute the heat gently without frizzing curls. They travel easily and are inexpensive – starting at $2.49 – but may not last as long as a hard plastic diffuser.

Hair dryer diffusers allow you to have better control when drying your hair. You can focus the air on sections of your hair. You can gently pull the sections to stretch your curls or scrunch to add more curl and definition. Holding your head upside-down while drying adds body and volume. You can also use your hands to feel the curl.

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