Does diet affect hair loss? We discuss with a doctor.

Does diet affect hair loss? We discuss with a doctor.

Can your diet affect affect hair loss? We discussed how our diet has a direct affect on our bodies and health with Internist, Dr. Marissa Rocourt, MD, who specializes in chronic illnesses during our Healthy Hair Summit. In this session Dr. Marissa Rocourt joined us to share her knowledge about what nutrients we should take to keep our body and hair healthy.

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Stay away from processed food.

The first thing she said about starting a healthy diet is to “Stay away from processed food. Eat natural food that is brought from the farm-to-table”. As doctor of chronic illnesses, Dr. Marissa says “Illness cause stress and stress can lead the hair to fall out”. She adds the healthier your body then the healthier your hair will be.

Additionally, some of the medicines we take for these chronic illnesses can also be the cause of hair loss. This doesn’t mean you should stop taking your medications. You should address this concern with your doctor. As many Americans are suffering from chronic diseases, treatments such as Chemotherapy, and over-the-counter medications like Zantac and Pepcid and High blood pressure medicines, beta-blockers can cause side effects like hair loss and skin problems. Your physician needs to know that certain medications are causing side effects so that he/she can change the prescribed medicine.

How your diet can affect hair loss
Diet affect hair loss. Watch the full Healthy Hair Summit. 2 days, 5 experts

It is important that you get checked for vitamin deficiencies. Don’t just start taking multivitamins and supplements on your own. First, find out what vitamin you are lacking and then take that supplement. Excessive use of vitamins can be toxic to the body and actually cause hair loss. They can also lead to intoxicating reactions such as, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting and much more. Unfortunately, multivitamins are not regulated by the FDA and thus, we have to rely on the manufacturers’ word.

Go plant-based - diet affect hair loss

Dr. Marissa suggests using whole plant foods to get your daily dosage of vitamins and minerals. She preaches the benefits of the vegan diet that can help all of us to get healthier skin, hair, nails, joints, bones and overall body health.

Excessive use of sugar and salt can cause inflammation high blood pressure respectively and can lead to heart problems. So It is important to take the required sugar from natural fruits and veggies. “Some people ask me where do I get my protein if I am a vegan?”, well she eats a balanced amount of beans and lentils to get the protein for her hair and skin.

She also recommended if you are going to eat meat, then it should be no more than 3 oz. of meat per day, be it fish, chicken, beef or mutton. You should also consider trying meatless days. A whole foods plant-based is the ideal goal for our inner health and it will also reflect on our outer side as well.

So eat your greens and all the other colorful veggies to get your nutrients for healthier and perfect hair as you love. If you want to watch the full video and see other ways how diet affect hair loss, then visit The Healthy Hair Summit today.

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