How to detangle your natural hair?

How to detangle your natural hair?

Whether your hair is long or short we all have to follow the detangling process on our hair wash day. Unless we detangle our hair, it will be tangled and messy which usually spoils our look. And it is literally true, Curly hair appears to have the most tendency for tangling. So, this type of hair requires extra care and here we come up with the Detangling process that helps you to get out of it. Water, thick conditioner, and your fingers will all help you to separate knots or tangles without causing damage to your hair.

Today in this blog, we will talk about the hair detangling process that detangles your hair without causing any damage to your natural hair and also gives an amazing and frizz-free look to your curls. Detangling in the wrong way can cause more damage to your hair and also gives you a lot of pain. So, continue to read the blog to change your poor detangling habits.

The Detangling Process

The detangling process varies from person to person, but there are some common rules that apply for all for smoothing out knots with the least amount of effort, straining, and breaking. Before moving further, There are two main things to consider.

  1. A good moisturizer.
  2. The right tool.

So, to detangle natural hair, follow the steps given below.

1. Moisturize your hair

Using merely water to wet your hair will only hydrate it. To fully hydrate your hair, spritz it with water (using a spray bottle) and then use a water-based conditioner. Now, to find whether your hair is moisturized or dry. Your hair seems dry if it produces any cracky sound, on the other hand, moisturized hair is soft and smooth and does not crackle.

So, in detangling process, it is important to note that oils do not hydrate the hair. Depending on the oil, they just let you slide while you take it apart.

2. Sectioning your hair.

Sectioning of the hair in the detangling process usually depends on the length of your hair. Detangling your entire head of hair at once may be difficult. This is why working in portions is usually a good idea. It makes it simple to work through tangles and knots.

Here, the things you need to require to separate your hair are a rat-tail comb and hair clips or scrunchies. If you're feeling really handy, you can even separate your hair with your fingers. Divide into two portions, left and right, before splitting into additional divisions. If you don't need to do much, four or five portions should be enough, but matted hair will require more sections.

3. Use detangling products that give you a slide.

Water alone will not provide you with the necessary slip in the detangling process. Always use the best quality conditioners that help you in the process of detangling. This also minimizes breakage and damage. Conditioners reduce friction, allowing your hair to flow smoothly between your fingers.

Now, if you have a tight schedule and don’t have time to follow all these steps. And, want a single one-step formula that does all the things in one go without damage or breaking your hair. So, here Wonder Curl offers you an ultimate product - The Detoxifying Clay Cleanser. How does this Detoxifying Clay Cleanser help you in the detangling process!

Detoxifying Clay Cleanser Detangling process
Detoxifying Clay Cleanser

This is made of organic and natural materials that are high in vitamins and nutrients, making it ideal for your hair. This powerful detoxifier can remove impurities, and product build-up from the hair, and remove the excess oil from hair.

Apply the Detoxifying Clay Cleanser to soaking wet hair in the shower and leave it in for a few minutes. This softens the hair and makes the knots almost disappear. This detoxifying clay cleanser is really ideal for tangle-prone hair.

  • It acts as a clarifier and detoxifier. All pollutants and grime are washed out of your hair when you wash the clay away.
  • In addition to irritated or flaking scalps, colitis, and seborrheic dermatitis, this detoxifying clay cleanser is completely antibacterial. It's a good method to keep your scalp in fine condition.
  • The clay cleanser is made up of a variety of natural minerals that are good for your hair, which promotes hair growth.
  • It hydrates, conditions, soften, and smooth your hair, as well as reduces hair frizz.
  • It defines your curl and also gives shine to your hair.

So, take the best and remove the stress.

Let’s talk about some Do’s and Don’ts while following the Detangling process.


  • The detangling process should be followed on a hair wash day.
  • Always use a wide-toothed comb.
  • Detangle your hair from tip to top.


  • Don’t detangle when your hair is dry.
  • Don’t use a fine-toothed comb to detangle your hair.

Wind up the detangling process

The Detangling process is very important and provides various benefits to your natural hair. For instance, it prevents your hair from breakages, makes your hair smooth and silky. But all you need is to have the right kind of products and tools. Detangling is not so difficult as you think it just requires proper care and patience do to it.

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