Defining low-porosity hair, tips for a successful wash-n-go

Defining low-porosity hair, tips for a successful wash-n-go

Defining low-porosity hair can be tricky. Porosity is simply how your hair absorbs moisture and can be either low, medium, or high. Low porosity hair has difficulty absorbing moisture due to the inability of the cuticle to lift when wet. When medium porosity hair is exposed to moisture, the cuticle layer temporarily opens and then returns to its original state when dry. High porosity hair is characterized by damage to the cuticle layer, resulting in its inability to lay flat. This type of hair will absorb water quickly, however, it won’t retain water easily.

If it takes a prolonged period of time for your hair to become saturated with water and the products you use do not penetrate effectively, then it is likely that you have low-porosity hair. This can explain why your hair has poor definition when styling in a wash-and-go technique. There is an insufficient amount of moisture being incorporated into your hair, resulting in puffiness. If this sounds like your hair, then keep on reading.

Tips for your low-porosity hair

When defining low-porosity hair, it is important to use a cleansing shampoo each time. This is beneficial for two reasons: firstly, low porosity hair tends to retain product; and secondly, shampooing helps to lift the cuticle so that the hair can absorb water. This allows for product buildup removal and encourages moisture absorption.

defining low porosity hair
Defining low-porosity hair. Photographer: Kevin Domfeh | Source: Unsplash

When defining low-porosity hair, it is important to use a lighter conditioner that will not lock in moisture, but soften the hair. The cuticle should remain open so that your hair can absorb the product. When washing and styling, the hair needs to be soaking wet for optimal hydration. Lighter, water-based products should be used when applying leave-ins and gels.

Finally, when drying your hair, it is recommended to use a hooded hair dryer. This will help the hair to dry faster and absorb the product more effectively. Furthermore, the hair will be left smoother and can be styled to achieve elongation if desired.

Maintaining low-porosity hair

It is advisable to wash hair at least once a week to retain its moisture and elasticity. Prolonged periods between washes can lead to dryness and brittleness, making the hair more prone to breakage. Therefore, washing on a weekly basis will help retain length by reducing breakage and allowing the hair to grow longer while defining low-porosity hair.

defining low porosity hair
defining low porosity hair Photographer: Ismail Hadine | Source: Unsplash

Step-by-step tips

1. Wash your hair using a shampoo specifically designed for low-porosity hair such as our Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar.
2. After shampooing, apply a light conditioner to your hair. We love the Detoxifying Clay Cleanser for this purpose. defining low-porosity hair
3. After rinsing the conditioner, use a leave-in conditioner or other hydrating product on your wet hair.
4. Layer a styler over your leave-in. You can use either our Get Set Hair Jelly or Curl Control Styling Lotion depending on your hair’s density and type.
5. Sit under a hooded dryer or diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to further define curls and reduce frizziness while drying the styling product into the strands of your hair.

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