Curly Haircare Regimen with Wonder Curl products

Curly Haircare Regimen with Wonder Curl products

For some of us, learning how to create a curly haircare regimen can seem a bit daunting. It’s as if you need to have a degree in natural hair in order to take care of your curly hair. After speaking with several natural hair specialists, we’ve found a common them that they offer to their clients. If you’re looking to find a simple routine that will get your hair on its way to hydration and healthy hair, read on.

Keep your curly haircare regimen simple

According to Yessenia Reyes, The Textureologist, sometimes less is more. “You don’t need to use a ton of different products to achieve healthy hair. Just invest in good products that have the right ingredients to help clean and lock in moisture.”

You want to wash your hair at least once per week. If you hair feels dry, then it’s lacking moisture. The best way to get moisture back into your hair is to wash it. Using our Detoxifying Clay Cleanser to cleanse, detangle and condition your hair in one is a great way to infuse that moisture back into you hair. The cleanser won’t strip your hair of its natural oils and is perfect for your curly haircare regimen.

Shampoo your hair on a regular basis

By now we’ve heard that cowashes or conditioner only can lead to hair loss. Using a low poo shampoo is helpful to gently cleanse your hair, however, you want to clarify your hair from time-to-time. Regina Pearl, an NYC based stylist, suggests clarifying your hair at least once per month, followed up by a good deep conditioning treatment is ideal to remove any product build-up.

Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar for your curly haircare regimen
Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar for your curly haircare regimen

The Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar will gently remove toxins from your scalp as well as any product build-up. Because our hair can trap free radicals from the air, the activated charcoal in our shampoo bar helps to wash them away from strands. For a good deep conditioner, you want to look for ingredients such as olive oil and avocado butter. These oils and butters are known to penetrate the hair shaft. Our Restoring Hair Treatment includes these oils and more and would be a great addition to your curly haircare regimen.

Sectioning your hair important to curly haircare regimen

Sharita, owner of The Loft Medford, gets amazing curl definition on her clients’ wash-n-gos. She recommends sectioning their hair to ensure proper product distribution. While your hair is still wet, you want to apply the products evenly to each section. You can use a brush such as our Curly Hair Detangler Brush, or your fingers to layer on the products. Be sure to take your time before moving to the next section. If your hair is still puffy, then you want to add more water and product to that area.

Along with the proper technique, is using the right products. Wonder Curl customers love our Moisturizing Hair Pudding because it’s a one size fits most. By blending aloe vera, castor oil and shea butter, your hair gets the right amount of moisture to emollient ratio. Our pudding isn’t like any other product on the market. A little goes a long way to keep your curly hair hydrated and works great on all different textures.

Build a healthy haircare regimen
Using our Moisturizing Hair Pudding and Curl Control Styling Lotion

If your curly haircare regimen needs more sealing power, then our Sealing Hair Butter is what you want. This thick, emollient rich cream seals in the moisture without weighing your hair down or making it oily or greasy.

For superior definition, our Get Set Hair Jelly is above all the rest! Not your average hair gel, this hair jelly gives your curls that fresh out the shower definition. The best part, no crunch or flakes! Just layer the Jelly over the Pudding or Butter. If your hair is low density or on the finer side, then the Curl Control Styling Lotion might be the right styler for your curly haircare regimen.

What about using an oil?

There is a consensus among the haircare specialists we’ve spoken to regarding oils and butters. Their preference is to use products that have oils blended in them such as one of our moisturizers. This helps to carry the oils directly into the hair while preserving moisture. It isn’t recommended to use a straight oil to wet hair. Amy Bush, owner of Ambushed Salon, prefers to use an oil as a finisher to dry hair only. This keeps flyaways at bay and reduces frizz.

Building a proper curly haircare regimen doesn’t need to be difficult or include a ton of different products. Just pay attention to your hair and adjust when needed. 

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